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Random Stuff and Things

  • So if you hear odd creaking or ripping, don’t mind it. It’s just the fabric of the universe pulling apart because last night the State of Washington issued me, *me* a license to serve alcohol. :) That’s right, I have been granted the okay to serve alcohol “responsibly.” HA! No I’m just kidding.  The theatre needed someone to do the bar while my pop is out of town and to do some nights when he doesn’t want to, so now I get to bartend. I wouldn’t do anything to get the theatre in trouble and with my own underlying fear of authority I think I’ll do a fine job. It’s just funny. All I need to do is make sure I don’t do the stuff that the Dunnes does for me.
  • After that Shannon what’s her last name got stabbed and killed on New Years Eve just a few blocks away from my and Raye’s apartment, we’ve (the girls, Andrew and I) have referred to my neighborhood in Cap Hill as “Stabby-town.” I know it’s in bad taste, but also kinda funny, in our way. Then Cathy e-mailed me this article yesterday. Apparently I really, really DO live in Stabby-town. This happened just one block from my corner!! Jeeze. I should get me some pepper spray again.
  • I’m a dork and bought myself a Valentine’s Day gift. The Jim Henson collection of Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal and MirrorMask. I’m totally jazzed about it. Already watched all but the Dark Crystal (my least fav.) Also I got my David Bowie back! My old copy got mixed up in the move when Oni went back to SF. (so oniglassyou may keep it, friend.)
  • Friday I went to Sunset Bowl with Andrew. I’d never been and I don’t have much longer to go as it will soon be condos. (grrrr). I bussed it over to Ballard straight form the theatre box office, then put our names on the waiting list, got some wine at the Ballard Market and went over to Andrew’s for the hour to hour and a half wait. I must say I’m particularly bad ass and timed it perfectly and showed up right after they called our names. We got our shoes, our lane and our beers and started playing. My first game rocked. Here I told Andrew “prepare to kick my ass” and the first thing I rolled was a strike. That first game I got 112 (getting into three digits might have been a first for me) and beat him. Unfortunately either I got exponentially worse the more alcohol I drink or my arms just got tired because the third game I bowled a 66. ouch. After we were done we met up with his friend Jesse over at the Bit and joked around, drank and I chain-smoked outside. It was a good night. A very good night. It was fun to do some activity together that wasn’t just drinking, but still going out and having a jolly good time.
  • Oh yeah, gong back to the Duunes again,. Jamie, the bartender from the Dunnes, who’s never been my favorite, was bowling in the lane next to us. She is nice and I like her much better when she’s not pouring me weak drinks. It’s just weird, we ran into our Dunnes bartenders on Alki last summer, bowling in Ballard, they just keep popping up all over the city, not just The Hill. This city’s too small sometimes. Seriously
  • Oh yeah and I posted the answers to the quotes on the meme I posted last week for those curious.


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