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Ce Weekend

I’m not well rested and refreshed this Monday morning. Actually I’m exhausted, achy all over, hungry and in need of much more coffee. However I’m not complaining. I had a really fantastic weekend.  
Friday I had my first night as the theatre bartender. I was kinda annoyed when I found out that I was going to have to stay through the very end of the play to watch the front door, especially since I had hoped to meet up with Andrew in Ballard after I was done working. I did however manage to use the time constructively and FINALLY finished the Irvine Welsh book I’ve been borrowing from Cathy since November or December. Anyway, the bartending itself was fun. I was nervous at first. I noticed that I have a natural impulse to make very strong pour with whiskey (my beverage of choice) that needed to be curbed. An Aussie couple ordered two margaritas which were practically just straight booze with a smidgen of lime juice as the only limes I had were already cut up into little pieces for dropping in gin & tonics and such. They were nice and sympathetic about it though...and tipped well. I made about 15 bucks in tips for only an hour and 15 minutes of actual bartending time. Not bad. The play didn’t get out until 11 but I still made it over to Ballard before midnight. I met up with Andrew and some of his friends for r one of his friends birthday celebration.
Saturday night was game night. Raye and I were hosting and the dinner was baked macaroni and cheese, salad, baked brie, and key lime pie for desert/Dorothy’s birthday. (I’ve never had key lime pie before, thought I wouldn’t like it as a kid, but tried it and LOVE it!) It was a big deal game night. Raye’s friend Laurel was in town visiting from Dallas. Also Christine had just returned the night before from a month in Sacramento. It was so great to see that girl again her energy and sass was missed. All together there were the four girls, Andrew, Ryan, Derek, Eric, Laurel, and later on Dorothy and her girlfriend. I need not go into all of the play by play action of the Cranium games but I will say that I won three of four games that I played. (Go Team Awesome) There was some cattiness sometimes but although it got tense sometimes there were no actual fights and the mood generally stayed up beat. We ate, drank, smoked, laughed and played cranium until the wee hours of the morning. After most of our guests left Andrew and I still stayed up and talked for a couple more hours until the sun was coming up. It was a great game might. A great weekend. Now...can I take a day off and just sleep?

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