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Weekend: The Good The Bad & The Ugly

The Good—
  • On Thursday I took Andrew out for dinner in Ballard and drinks at Hattie’s afterwards. I hope he had a nice birthday I had a nice time.
  • Cathy got the keys to her new apartment just across the school from Raye and me. She’s now our neighbor in stabby-town! Saturday night we checked out her new apartment and played Apples to Apples in the big empty space. It’ll be so nice to have Cathy as our neighbor.
  • Friday was Andrew’s b-day party. Raye and I made cup shaped cakes (as per usual on someone’s birthday, and we went over Christine’s for dinner before hitting up the bus to, dare I say it, The Rickshaw. (remember how I don’t do karaoke).
  • Sunday when I was hanging out with the ‘rents I totally turned them on the Black Books so I had an evening of British comedy and not to mention got to share one of my new favorites and very quotable brit-coms.
The Bad—
  • There wasn’t a really direct bus to the Rickshaw, we got off at 103rd from the 15 but there was still about a mile or so walk, which I don’t mid but was treacherous for Christine in heels AND there wasn’t a direct route, we had a bit of a detour when we ran into a dead end.
  • I slept in and missed damn near all of Saturday. I woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon and needed to be at the theatre to bartend at about 6 or 6:30. Sleeping in like that has messed my clock up and the skipping a head an hour didn’t help either when hanging out with the girls we stayed up until 4 playing Apples to Apples. I’m all fuct up now.
The Ugly—
  • At Andrew’s b-day party I went a little over board. I need to not drink like that. I need to not take 3 shots of Jaggier in a short amount of time. I don’t recall much after that though I’m sure I made an ass of myself. I paid the bill but I don’t recall, which means I don’t know how much I spent. I feel terribly embarrassed not knowing what I’ve done. I mean I know I got to Andrew’s all right and I woke up the next afternoon and he took me home and all. It’s just I feel bad, perhaps I embarrassed him in front of his friends. I don’t know. On Sunday, I tried to make the bad feeling go away when I watched the “Blackout” Episode of Black Books. Because no matter what I did it probably couldn’t be worse than what Bernard did. 
  • *EDIT* Full quote: "Well, you should put a lock on the door anyway because I was in there, I was on the toilet and everything, little Jimmy comes in, he’s drinking milk from the fridge and that’s all wrong. It’s unhygienic. And, and what were you thinking, what was going through your brain when you thought, “Oh, yeah, I’ll buy a wicker toilet”? (so quoteable)

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