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Out to pasture

After I get off work my dad is going to pick me up and we're going to take away my old stereo and take it to be recycled. I know it's just a stereo but I've had it in my life since 1987, that's 21 years! We got it around the x-mas that we moved to washington. It was a fancy pants turn table/tape deck/CD player/radio. My first recrd was a songs of Disney record and I remember our family's first CD was this piano music that I insisted to be played for me to go to bed to throughout kendergarden. Eventually the stereo became mine and it went into my room and in highschool I was oten plugged into it (headphones) and went through a record phase picking up Lou Reed records at the Edmonds antique store in Old Mill Town. I even bought a vynal of my favorite album of all time all sniey and new in college, shortly before the turn table died. When I moved out on my own it came with me but not much of it has worked for a while. Then one night coming home drunk from the dunnes the CD player stopped working and we got in an argument and I ripped it apart. Now it's just been a place to put things. I'm going to miss my record player but it's time for it to be out of my living room. It's going to a better place, to rock'n'roll heaven. :)

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