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The Deets of my Shit Weekend...

I don’t even know where to begin.  I'm afraid of getting upset while I write it but...
On Friday I was to meet Raye and Cathy at the Dunnes after my bartending at the theatre. I had a weird experience at the theatre. Half way through the second act while I was watching the door a dude came in and said his friends were watching the show and asked if he could come in. I told him he’d have to wait in the lobby while the show was going on and he said, “I’ll wait quietly if you keep me company.” I was just sitting down to read my book too, but I’m an obliging person I suppose so I spent the last half hour getting hit on and after he invited me out for drinks I bolted with I heard applause and headed to the Dunnes. At the Dunnes Christine showed up and Andrew was there too with his friends who were bar hopping on Cap Hill for one of their friends’ b-day. It was this night that bad news came up but it wasn’t really MY news it was one of the Girls so I don’t know if it’s my place to publicize it, ya know. Lets just say it sucks for this person and causes great dreat disapointment and luckily we were at a bar and were quickly able to buy our friend drinks to go with our hugs. We also spent the whole next day together running errands and checking out Christine’s new house.
Saturday night I allotted for boyf time. I called at first around sixish. No answer. Eightish. The same. I was getting kind of worried my Saturday night would develop into sitting in my room watching crap telly. Eventually I got a call and to meet at the Rosebud at 9:30. It was standing rom only so we hit up the Honey Hole instead. We had a couple drinks and talked the last hour was incredibly awkward silence. We called it a night around 11:30 or so, got in the car and the “How you feelin’ about the relationship?” question came up when we got in the car and by the time we pulled into the alley behind my apartment, it was done.
Being dumped sucks! It literally does hurt in the heart. Honestly it was clean and drama-less. Plus it’s not like there weren’t any warning signs, I mean that was not the first night of long awkward silences. I was the one who brought it up about a month ago because I once I returned from vacation I was starting to feel taken for granted/unappreciated and afraid that he was bored with me. (Not to mention the foul play of no appreciation on Valentines day, not even a call) When I brought it up a month ago we talked about it and came up with a solution to work on it and try to get out of the rut but I guess he was done with working on it and it’s time to move on.  
I came home to an empty and dark apartment and called my girls. Cathy was in bed (on her fabulous new mattress) and got up and came over, Christine and Raye were at Christine’s playing cards and dropped it and came over. They bought me a bottle of champagne and some Phish Food Ice cream and totally gave me lots of hugs and shoulders to cry on. I have the best of best friends.
Sunday, Christine was going to do my hair (make it red again and give me a trim) because, one must look fabulous when one’s feeling miserable and worth-less. Well when we were in the car on Denny driving to West Coast to get my color a car stopped in front of us to make a left turn, we stopped but the 20 year old kid behind us wasn’t paying attention and BAM! Christine and I were pretty shook up but no one was hurt. We pulled over at the parking lot by what was Mini’s and accessed the damage and I had to find the burning cigarette I was smoking that flew out of my hand and was smoldering somewhere in the car. The kids car looked pretty beaten up from previous accidents, which is never reassuring. It fuccked up Christine’s trunk (which is super lame since she’s moving at the end of the month). His insurance card was expired but he said he still paid it and Christine filed the claim. We took pictures. He tried to find a way to settle it without bringing insurance into it but Christine did everything she could to cover her end.  Luckily it fuct up his front end more than it fuct up her bumper but it’s still fuct and leaves you very jittery. The perfect end to a shit weekend.


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Mar. 17th, 2008 11:38 pm (UTC)
Aw, Mir. I'm so sorry. You have some pretty wonderful friends, and I know they'll do whatever it takes to help you through this hard time.
Mar. 18th, 2008 07:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks. At least I'm lucky to have quality friends
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