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Saturday was Cathy’s move day and all the Girls, Dorothy and a bloke from Cathy’s building (work) all helped out. I was luckily not hungover from the night before and pitched in as best as I could. I am a moving machine! I got in the zone and totally didn’t take a break unloading into the new place until everything was in. So Cathy is now really our neighbor in stabby town. 

While Cathy & Christine took the U-Haul back Raye and I went back to our place and I tried my hand at making my mum’s banana bread. I was insistent ton using my mum’s recipe because hers is so fucking good (moist and banana-riffic!) so I talked it up and then...completely dropped the ball. In my excitement I completely forgot to put in the fucking SUGAR until I had the pan in the oven for a couple minutes. I pulled it out and added the sugar, so at least it wasn’t not sweetened however, it did not rise properly. Really, rather than making banana bread I made a banana brick that was at least moist and banana flavored. I need to buy more bananas and practice. 
We went back to Cathy’s she bought us pizza and booze for helping out with the moving. We played some Cranium and some Apples to Apples before getting our serious drink on and getting down to the task at hand--coming up with our dating rating system. I guess on Thursday while I was at work the girls had the idea to spend Saturday coming up with a rating system and rating exes. I wasn’t too hip to the idea at first, perhaps too soon for me or what not. I was, excited to take on the task of volunteering to do the self-tabulating excel spread sheet once we got our results. Eventually the idea grew into “okay and after we get the system working, we write a book, get it published and then we go on Oprah and shit and sell millions of copies, make millions of dollars and get plastic surgery and our own handbook won’t even be even useful to us because we’ll be rich and look fabulous and could have any guy we wanted. Of course we keep selling the book to the plebs and looser who need it.”  I actually started to really get into the project. We put up giant post-its on Cathy’s wall, brainstormed then Christine and I figured out a way to set up the rating system and make it both personalized to the individual and yet easy to transfer onto an excel spreadsheet. Eventually, we got around to doing the rating and the math. Our system seemed to work, I mean there’s still lots of room for improvement but the results seemed rather accurate.

Sunday I spent as another lazy day with the ‘rents. I got lamb for diner and strawberries and angel food cake for desert which was pretty exciting. Family in Colorado called because I suppose to some it was a holiday. I talked to my grandma on my mums side for a while and she asked about the Hawaii trip. We had the longest conversation we’ve had in a long time (since the fall when my grandpa said “when are you going to do something with your life” and pissed me off.) Then when I explained that Raye and I didn’t have a car in Kauai I got a lecture about how I should learn how to drive. It’s a lecture that really gets on my nerves, especially form my family in Colorado who can not wrap their head around life without a car. “What happens if there’s an emergency?” She asked. “Well I can call a cab if I have to or I can walk. All the hospitals are within walking distance from my house.” I think it’s a status thing to them out there, owning a car. To me it’s just a burden gas is $3.50 a gallon, I’d have to pay for insurance, find somewhere to put it, eventually be a designated driver, etc. They just don’t understand how it’s just not necessary on The Hill. Oh well. There’s no use they wont ever understand so there’s no use in getting all bent out of shape about it.  Just had to rant a bit, there.

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