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 This being the last weekend of the month I was pretty broke. On Friday, Raye and I went grocery shopping for game night. After which I stayed in locked myself in my room with a bottle of wine and sat at my lap top to have a Mir night.  It turned out to be a very productive night. Got a whole personal essay written, the most productive Mir night I’ve had in too long a time for me to say. I think being single helps with the writing, mostly because I have more time and perhaps a more focused head space.
Saturday I work up early, working on putting some music on my lap top. I’ve had the same music on my Mp3 player the whole three months that I’ve had it and I couldn’t handle listening to the same songs over and over again. I needed different music. It’s amazing how quickly one can get sick of 2G of music. It dosen’t help that the shuffle tends to play the same shit over again. Now I’ve got different music and I’m pumped about taking a walk and seeing what comes up. Anyway Raye and I cleaned up the house a bit then Cathy came over and we all walked downtown to Pike Place Market, met up with Christine and took part in the Pillow fight. It was fun, it was much bigger than the one we did in 2006, however it didn’t feel as flash mob-ish since the cops had blocked off the street this year. Also there wasn’t really room to move around. Once that whistle blew it was like I was suddenly in the middle of a padded mosh pit. I couldn’t really see what I was doing and I couldn’t get a good swing in, but I still got to beat the hell out of strangers with a pillow and came out of it covered in feathers. It was good times.
After the pillow fight, we went back up the hill and Raye and I prepared food for Game Night. We made Mac n Cheese again. So good. The girls came over, and we worked a little on our book. Then Ryan came over and we played a little Apples to Apples and we apologized profusely about it being such a small game night. Even though I don’t think he really cared. Cathy had to leave and pick up her sister from the airport and eventually returned. Eventually, Samuel came over, then David after he got off work. So where as it was the smallest game night we’ve had in months toward the end it felt like a proper game night, once we were playing cranium. Both games, my team would come from behind and kick ass. Go team Mir.People dispersed around three in the morning and raye and I cleaned up. Raye and I are done hosting game night for a while. It’s time for Cathy and Christine to show off their new places and hostesses.
All and all it was a good weekend. The snow I could have done with out but now the sun is back and I look forward to taking a walk in the sun shine after work. Also looking forward to this stupid month of March to be over with. It’s been a rough one for all the Girls. We decided that next year we’re going do away with the month all together. Instead of March it’s going to go January, February, Prance because prancing is so much more fabulous than marching. :)

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