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Gym stuff...

  •  I saw a dude the other day doing sit ups, rockin’ out to his music all while text messaging someone on his iPhone. It might have been one of the more ridiculous things I’ve seen so far. Multi-tasker to an obsessive degree. Technology can either make us look really cool or bloody retarded.
  • I ran into my high school video production teacher at the gym but he was on his cell phone so I didn’t say Hello. Like I say Seattle’s too small a city. I remember he took out an ad for his band too when I worked for Tablet and he forwarded on a hello.
  • Don’t listen to Eleanor Rigby on a rainy day in Seattle while on the tread mill looking over 3rd & Pike. Even though if you keep up with the violins it’s a quick 5 mph pace, the scenery, the music, the gray and the fact that you feel kinda like a gerbil on the tread mill, might just be enough to make you want to kill yourself. That was my experience any way.
  • So on Wednesday on the treadmill I totally got vertigo. Luckily my legs were on autopilot and I just kept going but I got really dizzy, flet almost sea sick and couldn’t balance and kept bumping into the sides. It was scary. That’s never happened to me. I don’t have the best balance in the world. I’m not fond of having the world move underneath me in the first place (I hold on to the treadmill for dear life. It’s bad for my back but I’m afraid to let go) So when I started feeling dizzy and nauseous, I thought for sure I was going to go down. Luckily my legs are troupers and know what to do. It passed after I slowed down a little and focused better.
  • Finally, I finally saw a girl use one of the DVD players yesterday. I hate that the 8 or 10 channels the gym gets are either news (MSN, Fox News, CNN), sports, or reality shows. I’m sick of seeing Scarborough’s face, Opera or Dr. Phil and the whores of Rock of Love. So I don’t watch telly while I work out but I’m tempted to bring a DVD sometime. I’m thinking of bringing in the most pretentious thing I can find (I’m thinking Amadeus) just as a protest to the talking-head, reality tv and celebrity magazine world the gym offers. Then again Amadeus is 3 hours long, that’s a lot of time on an elliptical machine and/or treadmill.
In other news, I just want to plug my friends only writing blog mstclaireI haven’t posted on it for a while until today I added a draft of an essay I wrote last week. Add the other me as your friend and I’d love feed back.
All right. Weekend time. Yeay!



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Apr. 5th, 2008 12:54 am (UTC)
I have a portable dvd player that I strap on to the treadmill or elliptical; I swear it makes all the difference! Although I do tend toward still watching reality shows, like old seasons of Survivor downloaded from the internet.
Apr. 7th, 2008 03:32 pm (UTC)
It definitly helps pass the time watching something. I wonder, though if I'm working as hard as I could be if I wasn't paying attention to the telly. Perhpas that's why reality shows and stuff are good for that sort of thing. Not too much to follow, really.
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