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I Had an Awesome Weekend!

Friday night I had plans with Samuel to hang out at his place, drink and watch old Jon Waters movies. It had been a long time and that was ½ of how we’d spend our time together the summer after graduating from SU. Sam’s not an easy person to get a hold of. He got drunk and lost his phone a few months ago and hasn’t replaced it. We’ve been out of touch from about November or so until St. Patti’s day. We went to the liquor store than over to his place on Lake Washington. However since it’s been so long (we hung out St. Patti’s day and game night but those were all social occasions) we didn’t really end up watching movies. We just took tequila shots, made margaritas, and talked and listened to music. It was good to reconnect and talk about relationships, goals, life in general with my favorite gay boy. However, later in the night (when our bottles of tequila were  half empty) Pink Flamingos went on and I totally fell asleep on the couch right before David came home.
When I woke up in the morning I was kind of in a panic. Raye had a tattoo appointment at 11:30 that I couldn’t miss and Cathy was going to pick us up at 10:30. David was supposed to be my ride home the night before but Drunky McPassout lady over here ruined that. I thought I could catch a cab but I had no money. I hadn’t any money for the bus either so I just started walking. I found coffee early on, which helped with the hangover and gave me the energy to walk home from Leshi. Actually it was a delightful walk home on a quiet Saturday morning. Cathy picked us up went headed to Ballard (more coffee was had on the way) and we went to Slave to the Needle and watched as Raye got her tattoo. It’s Calvin and Hobbes rockin’ out on her leg. It’s pretty adorable. We went to Kings for a burger after that was done then hit up Archie McPhee for party favors for Christine’s birthday.
Afterward Cathy dropped me off at my parents’ house. My dad had tickets to the Opera Jr. (The Seattle Opera’s Young Artists Program) Yeah, the whole time we went out getting Raye’s tattoo and running errands in Ballard I was dressed up for the Opera in my little black dress and my white suede & furry coat. Out of place but fabulous all the same. I hung out with my mum for a while and eventually went on the computer and got my taxes done. I got $300 and some back along with my $600 later in the year Woo Hoo! I’m of course not really going to stimulate the economy with it. I’m just going to pay my credit card debt (because I’m boring) and maybe buy myself a little British comedy as a treat.  Having my taxes done though is a weight off my mind.
Opera Jr. was in Bellevue (blech) but I was very excited to go. I love the opera.  It was two one Acts; Ravel’s The Enchanted Child & Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi. I thoroughly enjoyed both. The Ravel was about a little brat kid who is terrorized by the things & animals he (in this production she) terrorizes. The set was cool, the interpretation was really neat (set in an urban setting and urban park rather than garden), very creative spectacle and visually stimulating, which is what I love about opera. The second piece was a comedy about a rich Italian family trying to find a way to change the old rich guy’s will who had just died. My dad’s friend played the dead rich relative, think Opera’s Weekend at Bernie’s. It was also very fun and entertaining. It’s been so long since I’ve gotten to go to the opera and I’ve never been to one in such a small space before. It was wonderful. Afterwards, we went for drinks and the late happy hour at McCormick’s so I got my opera fix as well as a calamari fix all in one night.
Sunday I had my first tango lesson. I was so excited and so nervous at the same time. I was the youngest person there, as I expected, and I was also probably the least experienced in dancing even though it was the first class of the beginner’s course. I have NO experience dancing with partners.* I have no grace. I don’t know my left from my right. I can however count to eight so if I practice and remember the steps, I’ll get through. It’s going to hard on whoever’s my partner (we switch around partners), but everyone seemed very nice and patient with me, even though I’m terrible at the moment. I mean, there were a couple of times I went through the 8 count basic step with a partner a couple of times through and I didn’t fuck up. Oh yeah and another thing, I need to practice not saying “fuck” under my breath every time I miss a step. I’ll practice that as I practice my steps at home as well. I’m thinking tonight I’m going to buy a bottle of wine, put on the free tango CD they gave me and practice, practice, practice in the living room while Raye is at the bar.
Afterward, I walked from the dance studio in Greenwood over to Christine’s house and hung out with the Girls. We caught up on Beauty and the Geek that Christine TiVo’d for us and we had a yummy terraki chicken dinner with cream cheese won tons. Yum. It was good to hang out with my girls on a lazy Sunday evening. In fact. All in all it was a GREAT weekend. The best, most productive and busy one I’ve had in a while. I got gay boy time, Opera, free money my way, dancing lessons and lazy time with the Girls. What more could I ask for?
*With the exception of dancing to “El Tango de Roxanne” at the apartment with Oni at parties and she would give me vocal ques of what to do and try to teach me how to follow a dance partner.

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