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The Weekend

Wednesday was Christine’s b-day. We had drinks and dinner and showered her with gifts at my and Raye’s place that night. Raye got her a season of Golden Girls, I got her a Tin Man figurine thing, Cathy got her a plane ticket to Cali and we all pitched in and got her this Wicked Witch Cookie Jar. She saw it at Suncoast back during the holidays, really wanted to buy it for herself but couldn’t justify it. She kept looking at it over and over again and it broke her heart not to get it. So we got it for her. See:

She totally loves it. She didn't cry but she wouldn't let it go. She was so happy with it. Yeay!
Friday Raye and I went out to Rosebud. It was a nice evening so we sat out on the patio and chain smoked and had a good time. Cathy and her brother Andrew (who’s visiting) came and joined us and we got trollied and had a jolly good time. We ended up all coming back to our place and attempted to play a round of pop five and the night gets hazy.
Saturday was our tease day of summer. Raye and I both felt like death but had shopping plans to fulfill. I had to get shoes to dance in for tango and Macy’s was having a big shoe sale. Raye got a pair of shoes that she Loved these burgundy Mary Janes and I found shoes that would work for tango that were only $20! Proper dance shoes were in the $150 area according to that I was looking at on line. The ones I got were similar and would do for my purposes (seven week class). Not only did I save LOTS of money (which allowed me to get a skirt to wear for tango as well) I saved us time during the day as we didn’t have to go to another store in the U-District to find dancing shoes.
Sat night was game night. The first game night at Cathy’s new place. It was also the biggest, although a lot of people came and went. We only got through one game of Cranium. There were too many distractions, too many smoke breaks, too many interruptions and just in general too many people, in my opinion, many of them newbies to the game. Still I mean even though there wasn’t much of a game to speak of I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately there was also some drama however after it was all over we were able to laugh about it, because really what else is there to do, really? Also we got to see Malika and Eric & Derek who we don't see too regualrly  except on game nights, really. The food was excellent at this particular game night. Cathy did a great job the hor d’oeuvres. There was more there than we could eat. I think a whole cake that Ryan brought was left untouched. Crazy.
The next day I was wrecked. I stayed over at Cathy’s and woke up in her bed. I had to shower and go to my tango lessons. Tango classes went well. The new shoes really helped. Who know there was something that is actually EASIER to do in heels than in chucks? Also there was a fella there for me to dance with that was closer to my age and kinda cute in a dorky kind of way. As for me I’m starting to get better. I’m still not great and tend to think too much and need to learn to just follow but I’m tripping over myself considerably less. We’ll see how that goes after my class I miss while I’m in PDX next weekend. Fianlly, afterwards I went and hung out with the 'rents. My mum netflized the first season of Father Ted so I finally to to see some Brit com that has been recomended to me many a time over. Yeay.


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Apr. 15th, 2008 02:03 am (UTC)
I guess we left before the drama happened? ;-)
Apr. 15th, 2008 03:29 pm (UTC)
It wasn't super bad drama. There was some shit talkin' though.
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