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I hate technology sometimes...

There's a corrupted file on my MP3 player, which is making my whole folder of "walking" music (the bigest fucking folder with the most music I listen to most often and hence get sick of the fastest and have to cange the most) unacessable!! I can listen to it, but I can'I change it. I can't do a virus scan. i can't delete it! I cant do a godamned thing!! As far as the "properties" are concerned the folder is comepletely empty. WTF? I went to Philips customer support but to be on line on my laptop I have to be at an internet cafe and I'm sorry I didn't think I had to bring my serial number with me to get help. GRRRR. Very Agrovating.I guess I need to invest in a new MP3 player soon. (Hasn't been quite the same since I dropped it stumbling home from the Dunnes a month or two ago. This is why I don't buy an expensive iPod or anything. I have a tendency to get trollied and break things)

I'm at Online Coffee Co. I dont have internet at home and my computer will not stop bitching at me to update my shit. Seriously it's like a child or a dog asking to be fed, interupting me every five minutes. So I have to leave the apartment, pay money and please my lap top. I gotta take care of this baby. It's gotta get through another year and a half and then get me through Grad school after that. :) eep!

Anyway. What I do like about Online Coffee Co. is that I can drink alcohol here if coffee doesn't sound apealing. Right now I'm enjoying a glass of wine while I do (SO MANY) updates. Of course the downside of drinking alcohol while my laptop does it's thang is that I REALLY want to smoke but I don't want to leave my computer unattended. Sonofabitch. 

Just had to vent. Back to Mir night. :)


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Apr. 18th, 2008 04:46 am (UTC)
Remember the saying "Technology: It almost works." If the Russians made these gadgets, you could drop them from skyscrapers and they'd still work just fine. We North Americans have been groomed to tolerate delicate (i.e., poorly engineered) gadgets which only work as advertised if kept under laboratory conditions.

So what's all this about your not having Internet access at home? Is it a cost-cutting measure, or is it due to lack of availability? Either way, you have my condolences and sympathy.

Apr. 18th, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Alas!
No kidding! I tired to fix my player while at the coffee shop, it asked for an update and it hasn't worked since. I'm so pissed off right now I can't even tell you.

I've never had internet at home since I've lived on my own. I don't have a landline so it would be too much to get one to do DSL and I dont hane (and don't particualrly want) Cable so cable is out. Some day I might try ClearWire or something but in the mean time I'm okay with using internet at work and at coffee shops. I get more done on the computer at home without internet, though.

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