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 I'm not just hungiver  I think I'm still a little drunk BUT...

I'm so proud of myself I just put my WHOLE tax refund to my credit card debt. My "stimulous" check will be going toward it ioo, All the while Amazon is selling the Dr. Who for an affordable $69 as opposed to $100. It's so very very tempting, plus I need a new purse and I walk by ReLoad every goddamned day and I'm so tempted but... RESPONSIBILITY WOO!

I want rid of my credit card debt and more student loan debt. I feel like I get more for my money with that debt.

Also I bartended at the theatre last night and made 22 bucks in tips on opening night! WOO that was two margaretas, limes, a pack of smokes and the coffe that's paying for my internet at online coffe co. this morning. Badass! I'm thinking about opening another savings account at citibank because I'm eventually going to have to transfer my account to a UK account and Citibank is the one suggested (I guess they're in that country as well, just under a different name). If I throw in all my money from the theatre in a complete different savings account seperate from my BoA account I'm certian to not dip into it and I can start saving. At only a coupple hundred bucks a run, it's not a lot of money, but it's still savings over the next year and a half before I go. It sounds stupid but I'm excited about paying off my credit card debt AND saving. I don't think I have to change my lifestyle too much either. I've been working at the theatre since November, and i told myself it was a short term thing, savings for hawaii, then savings for Portland, Now I'm earning and saving toward a greater goal-LONDON! Also I was talking to a lady who was the stage manager a coupple shows ago and SHE got her MA in Theatre in London and has a friend who got her English degree at one of the schools I'm looking at so I'm going to annoy her and her friend via e-mail for advice. So HORAY NETWORKING! (responsibilty, woo!)

Okay I've gotta go. I'm out of coffe and I have a file box I got at office dept yesterday for organizing my writng, grad shcool and visa information. ORGANIZATION WOO!

I'm such a dork.

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