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Stuff and Things and Anniversary

It was four years ago today I started up my LiveJournal account and wrote my first blog. Crazy. Four years doesn't sound that long but at the same time it also seems like lifetime ago. It's weird to go back and read about weekends I might have forgot about. Stories I haven't thought about in months or years. Also it's interesting, all the who's and the what's and the wheres. Life is characterized by the who's around at the time. It's weird to read me writing casually about people I have since gotten rid of, lost touch with and or been banished from thier life.  Friends, fuck buddies, aquentices, travel buddies or boyfirends come and gone. The scenery hasn't changed too much and is still focused on The Hill but Camus, Tablet office, and parent's house have changed. To think if things go well for me as far as school goes I will have a year where the scenery will competely change! I don't have anything to realy close on so I'll leave it at that optimisic, London-themed note.

This weekend we went to Malika & Eric's birthday/good bye party at the Rendezvous where I almost killed the cute boy with cake. (Aparently the choce isn't Cake or Death but Cake is Death for him.) We had a good time at the party. A really good time. It's been a while since we've hung out at the Rendezvous for drinks and snacks (so sad about the hummous platter but there are other yummies now). It was the first night in a LONG time I sipped on singles. That was Christine's suggestion for my trolling for men since I got way too trollied on Tuesday which hindered my abilities. Thing is there's a fine line between being trollied enough to have the inhabition to walk up and introduce myself to stangers and being so terribly trollied I make an ass of myself. So I took the suggestion, sipped singles but didn't even get buzzed and with the exception of handing out cake, didn't really talk to anyone. After the embarssing cake ordeal I resigned from trolling. I decided it wasn't for me. As soon as I made the decision, and announced it publicly, after I had officially given up on getting a number, we went back to Capitol Hill and hot damn I ended up talking to somebody and got a phone number. 
It's funny. As far as life goes in general I really think you have to work to make shit happen. You have to work for that ideal school, job, internship, whatev. You just have to try becasue things in life don't just come to you. That's my outlook. However, the opposite works for me when it comes to boys. When I try, I fail. Then I get down on myself. If I don't try, I just be myself, have no expectations and go with the flow and have a good time (possibly even make an ass of myself a little) it just happens. Not all the time but when I don't expect it. It's weird. Probably it's becasue I don't have the gift that Christine has of just walking up and introducing myself to people. I'm more out going than I used to be, but I'm still not the instigater. So, really, to be agressive, is just not me. So I'm being fake and it doesn't work out.
Really I'm not looking for love or anything. I'm down with being single again, and if school plans work out the way I hope I'd be leaving in a year and a half anyway so the last thing I want is a relationship to bog me down from my goals. However, flirting and trolling for boys and a bootie dance is part of the fun of being single and I'm ready to embrace that, man! Plus, practicing these "walking up to strangers" skills proabably not a bad idea before I move to a place where I don't know a damn soul and I still want to bag me an English boy. *wink*

So appart from the drinking and smoking I thought I was pretty heathly. Back problems and blood pressure problems have all gone away since I've lost weight and I've noticed my immune system has been stronger. However, I'm still lacking. I was at Planned Parenthood yesterday to get an IUD (proabably too much info but DC) and it turns out that I'm anemic. I knew that since I've been out on my own I haven't been able to afford meat with the exception of fozen chicken. I mostly get my meat on Sundays when I visit my parents' house for dinner. I could proabably use more greens as well. So I suppose it's time to change my diet to make it a bit more healthy and to start taking vitamins and iron suppliments. It kinda took me as a surprise seeing as how it's never been a problem for me before and here I've felt better than I ever have but I'm still not doing things quite right. Oh the plus side the Doc. was concerned and told me to stay home and not go to work after my appointment. (sweet!) Anyway, this totally solidifies the fact that Raye, Cathy and I need to get a costco card, otherwise I can't afford meat. If only cheese & booze had iron and protin I'd be set!

Finally, Tango update.  I can't belive I only have a couple more weeks left.  I still lack grace. I'm particularly bad with my Ochos. I tend to flail my legs about instead of step and piviot. Sometimes in class I feel a little overwhelmed by all the neuances that go into dancing, and the subtle ques and being aware of mine & my partner's body.  We're starting to get into more interesting moves and it's starting to turn into the sexy dance I wanted to learn. Even though I fight the "following" and tend to get ahead, it's fun to be pushed around for some reason. We're practicing Paraditas, which are hot. The man kind of pushes the gril back then can piviot her by pushing her outwright foot around. It's kinda hot. Strange with strangers, but still. Now I have to decide to continue or not after my weeks are up. It's really not that expensive and I am enjoying it.


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May. 6th, 2008 09:35 pm (UTC)
My four years is coming up in a couple weeks. I started nmy journal on May 25th 2004.
May. 6th, 2008 09:58 pm (UTC)
I had no idea we started around the same time. i alwasy assumed you started before me. Weird.
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