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Ce Weekend

I had a really good weekend. It came and went too quickly but it was really good. Friday night, after bartending, I had a drink date with Steve, the fella I met last Saturday at Max’s friends party thing (after I had given up trolling). We met at the Dunnes, my suggestion since I hadn’t been there in ages. He was punctual and bought me a couple of drinks. Points. He’s also super duper tall, like 6’6’’ which is kinda cool. I like being tall but it’s also nice to feel kinda wee and feminine for once in my life. Yeah. We talked did the whole getting to know you thing and then went over down to Chez Gaudy for the last drinks of the evening (kind of a more intimate setting and less roudy than the Dunnes.) It was a good night.
On Saturday morning, Raye, Cathy and I went to Costco and got memberships and oh so much food. I fee like a grownup now. I have a Costco card! It was the first time I purchased meat (beef) for myself as an adult (other than like frozen chicken or sausages or something). It was the first time I capped the $100 mark in grocery shopping for myself. (Ten bucks here, ten bucks there really does start to add up.) However I left that store so happy. I was a good girl and got food that was high in iron and vitamin c so I could start my diet to correct my anemia. In fact I got steaks and strawberries, those are like two of my favorite foods and I pigged out on both this weekend at Christine’s BBQ/Housewarming party.
Christine had her housewarming party which went well. The wheather wasn't quite in our favor but her porch was still quite comfortable with all those people. There was so much food and the drinks were flowing. I didn’t know too many people but for the most part people were nice. I also got to see perkyevil and got to meet her daughter Miranda for the first time. Adorable, but it is kinda weird to hear people baby talking your name :P I made many margaritas and the Cranium obviously came out at the end of the night. After everyone was passed out Christine and I watched the last episode of the Riches.
The next day, rather hungover, I got to take a bath in Christine’s awesome Jacuzzi tub before I walked over to Tango class. I think I deserve kudos for making it to Tango class every week no matter how terrible I feel (though the bath really helped). We were supposed to have a book meeting and get our hair done at Christine’s but we mostly just remained lazy, played Skip-bo and watched Cabaret. I like lazy Sundays and it was nice to spend my Sunday with my girls (even though it was Mother’s day I didn’t go over to the rent’s as they were having a weekend getting away in Astoria). All and all a very good weekend. Though I could have used a couple more days in it. :)

Oh yeah and I WANT THIS! I'm so excited.


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May. 12th, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC)
Oh, my.
Mir, I knew you'd lost weight but I didn't know you were suffering from anemia. When I first saw -- shall we say -- recent (post-Björk-concert) photographs of you, I thought "Wow! It's a new Mir! Golly!"

But I didn't know an ailment was responsible. I hope you are able to get a handle on this malady and reach a healthy weight. I mean, you look great and all; but (of course) it's way better to be healthy.

May. 12th, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Oh, my.
I just found out about it a week ago. The ailment was not responsible for the weight loss, but I think it was definity a side effect. I lost weight mostly my walking and stuff and eating less since I've been on my own. However since I've been on my own I've had a more dairy and startch heavy diet and proabably only got iron my one meat & veg meal at my parents on Sundays.

I was surprised at first when the dr. told me about it becasue I feel fine, great even. though the more I think about it it makes sense. I'm not eating quite as I should and I tend to ward off fatigue with more caffine which I drink throughout the day and well into the eveing to stay alert.

I'm working on it though now that I got my costco card! :D
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