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So I decided to not do the overnight walk as I don't think I could raise the $1,000 minimum to be albe to walk. But this still means A LOT to my friend/roomie Raye. So any money I could have gotten from my friends to doniate I will still ask for thier support to go to Raye for her walk so she can do the 20 mile marathon. It's a good cause.

Or in Raye's words...

I have decided to participate in an event called the Out Of The Darkness Overnight (www.theovernight.org) which is a 20-mile walk in which the proceeds go toward research and the prevention of suicide.  This event requires that I fundraise $1,000 before the event, which is why I am calling on all of you to help sponser me.

Depression is something I struggled with in my youth and I even had a suicide atempt at the age of 16.  I've decided that's it's time to break away from stereotypes and stigmas that are so often attached to mental illnesses and depression.  I feel like people need more education on the matter, and the people suffering need more affordable and accessable outlets to discuss their ailments and let their voices be heard.  I think that this organization can help.

All donations should be made here: Raye's donation site and are 100% tax-deductable.  Give as little or as much as you want...every little bit helps get me closer to my goal.

Thank you so much for reading this.  Together we can makle this happen and I'm so happy all of you guys are right here backing me up!


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