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What a lovely weekend. It was sunny, warm (hot actually). Saturday Christine and I made plans to go to Green Lake and go paddle boating. We stopped off at the liquer store and a 7-11 first and we spiked our slurpees, my favorite summer tradition. We parked at the Bathhouse area of the Lake and walked over to the boat rental area. Green Lake was so glorious on Saturday. There were baby ducks swimming behind their mum in a little row. Seattleites, too, are adorable and come out in droves as soon as the weather is nice. Actually the park was so lovely and bustling it reminded me of  post impressionist paintings, of people chilling in parks, like in a Seurat or a Renior. Then I got this overall feeling of timelessness, that for ages people have been doing the same thing, the same thing I was doing as well--taking advantage of a nice day by going out to the park. We rented a little two person paddle boat and hit the lake. It dawned on me when we got toward the middle that that was an area of Seattle that I could honestly never tread before, the middle of the lake. We got to the middle of the lake smoked a couple of cigarettes and drank our spiked slurpees in the sun for a moment as we bobbed up and down on the water. Getting back to the dock was difficult as our rutter obviously didn’t work. We had to improvise by going back wards and having a couple on another paddle boat ram us to turn us around. Eventually we got safely back to land.
That evening I had another date with Steve. We went drinkin’ in Georgetown (where I’ve never really been, driven through only). We only ended up hitting Smarty Pants and the Georgetwon Liquor Co. but I enjoyed both. I like Georgetown, or that one stretch of bars and stuff I walked though, but I certainly wouldn’t trade it for Capitol Hill like the fucking Mayor wants me to, so I suppose I still resent it a little bit. That’s not the neighborhood’s fault that’s just Nickels’ fault. Bastard.
Sunday I went home and got ready for my last Tango class of series 1. I was pleased it was still nice so I got to wear my cute sun dress for the occasion. Me mostly reviewed and at the last half hour of the class we just danced. The guys were to just use whichever stepp they felt like and us ladies had to just follow. I got the hang of it with some partners better than others but at the end of the class I nicked my ankle with my other foot and drew blood and I had my toes stepped on and I realized one toe was bleeding. Yeesh.
Then one bitch that was coming in for the intermediate class made a bitchy comment I would expect to hear in a high school locker room. I was putting my socks & my cons back on, and truth be told I REALLY need to do laundry and I’m on one of my last few pairs of socks. Also I walk a LOT and I wear our socks quickly. This bitch sits next to me and asks “So did those socks come with holes when you bought them?” Intermediate bitch. I was struck by how juvenile she was and she was very probability a grandmother. Anyway. I have three weeks to let my feet heal before I start up the class again. :)
Finally I got picked up and went over to the rents for dinner, catching up on Dr. Who, drinking many, many margaritas and watching Father Ted.

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