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 Memorial Day Weekend
Seems like ancient history already but this weekend I...
«     Had a night in with the girls at the apartment.
«     Went out to lunch and Madison park (mini beach) with Steve
«     Had Chris over who brought his adorable new lab puppy “Paco”. Too precious. He promptly shat on our carpet as soon as he got there though. Paco, not Chris.
«     Watched a LOT of Kids in the Hall with Christine (and popped Cathy’s KITH cherry)
«     Went to a BBQ at perkyevil & coffeflavored (Dr. Kate & Brent’s) house.
«     Was given new clothes; an awesome black and pink corset from Cathy and a summer dress from my mum
«     Went out to lunch and went to go see the new Indiana Jones movie with the rents.
«     Went to Blockbuster to rent one damn movie but ended up buying 3. Raye and I watched I’m Not There the Bob Dylan movie. (a very Cate Blanchett heavy day, actually, though there’s nothing wrong with that)/
This weekend I’m totally broke so I won’t have much to report. Always like to report what I did because even now, only a few days later, I had a hard time remembering what the hell happened. Lame.
Last night Cathy had extra tickets to the M’s Red Sox game and Raye and I went. So my ’08 baseball game is taken care of and was FREE! Good times. I love the atmosphere of a baseball game though it’s hard to not shell out your money even when you’re poor. I still broke down and had to get a hot dog. It was calling to me. Went out for drinks afterward since it’s FAR too pricy to drink at the game and who wants to drink bud and miller anyway.
My page has changed. Don’t feel too great about it. I ended up loosing my old “out of date” layout because I found a cool IT Crowd Mood Theme so I had to upgrade to use it but then I ran into some troubleshooting to try to get the damn mood thing to work. So now my page is different, I miss my pandas and I’m still without a mood theme. I know it’s dumb but it annoys me. Anybody wanna help a sister out on this one? Or I should just work on it on my own time at a café because I could have spent all day at work, determined figure it out and get it done but, ya know, I had work to do. So my current look is totally temporary. It’s all right. Pre-made pages don’t seem as Mir-iffic as something I made, though. I need a panda.



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May. 29th, 2008 10:03 pm (UTC)
I was sitting in the left field bleachers last night!! Where were you?
May. 29th, 2008 10:09 pm (UTC)
Oh yeay!

We were on the 100 level in center/slightly Right field. :)

and WE WON! Woo!
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