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Another Weekend come and gone.

 I was rather productive the begeining of this weekend. Thursday and Friday nights I spent reading a novel of one of my could be professors and took notes and stuff as I was advised. I’m particularly proud because not only did Cathy & Christine call me to invite me out for drinks (and pay for them for me because I was a broke ass all weekend) but a SPELLING BEE was on telly on Friday night. I avoided temptation and got my shit done. Saturday morning/afternoon I got some writing done, and afterward felt crafty and decorated my notbook for gradschool/writing. I hand't made a collage since, wow about this time 2006. I don't really have the patience for it that I once did but I watched the Moderns (favorite movie of all time) which made me happy and kept me calm.
Saturday was Game Night with the Girls, David and Samuel, Max, Ryan, and Brian. Debauched times, as per usual and plenty of cranium. Made an ass of myself. As per usual. It’s what I do when cheep whiskey is imbibed. Sunday hung out with the rents and finished up watching all the Father Teds.
I got paid today so I’m no longer poor (yeay)! I quickly donated to Raye’s walk and then splurged on myself and pre-ordered the Spaced DVD. I can’t wait for it to get here (at the end of the month.) YEah not much to report really, and I feel terrible and sickish. meh.

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