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Because I feel too poopy to focus today...Random things I've meant to post..

I got hit on last week by a dude on myspace. First I got this message...
"i was just browseing and i can say im going to la to do my thang out there but when i get back to seattle would you like to chill some time i pass your page alot and it just some thing about you get my eye so i thought a message would halp you know mwaaaaaaa" 
WTF? I mean I know I have my share of typos on my blog but seriously. I looked at the profile and it's some douchebag in Everett with a default pic of him in his wifebeater and a whole picture album of pics of "the guns". Oh and of course, there was the Top Friends full of profiles of big tittied ho-bags. Why is someone like that hitting on me? I mean I know I have a vag but I would think it was obvious that Johnny Meatheads who can't master thier own damn first language need not apply. hilarious. I'd post the profile but that might be mean. ha!

To any SU alums...
This article pissed me off. There's a Jesuit who's trolling Facebook and busting Off Campus parties.  I think I'm going to write a letter to Father Sunbourg about it as a pissed off alum. I know it's not really my school anymore but it's not right. (And this is like story #3 about how the school is going downhill, after going level 1 sports, and they prof who go caught going to bone some underage chick he met on the internet)  Anyway this guys is over extending the code of conduct to people's off campus life, where there is no jurisditicion. Plus he doesn't understand that Douchebag is a common colloquialism for Eastsider or dude described above. :)

Warm and fuzzy work stuff
At work one of the teacher's was upstairs in the ofice and asked about my English degree and I had mentioned before that I worked in HR and at the Career Development Center throughout college so she's having me look at her resume. It's kinda flattering and good to know that I have this skill I aquaired from previous jobs that's pretty damn usefull. I don't want her to leave though becasue she never bothers me and we get along and bullshit when I'm downstairs. Oh well. 
I love flirting with John at work. There's nothing to come of it, but it's fun. Today I feel really shitty but didn't really want to explain why but he was all "let me know if there's anything I can do for you" aww how sweet. :)
Back to it, I suppose.


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