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Being a Good Friend, and being a Bad Queen

Ce Weekend
There was a lot going on this Saturday. The solstice parade in Freemont, the breast cancer marathon and the Suicide walk Raye participated in. Raye was on her Suicide walk and Cathy and I were going to be at the cheering station at the Freemont Troll to support her. Cathy I and bussed it over, getting there around 7:30ish. It was weird being in Freemont. I’ve never been to the solstice parade, one of these years I’ll make it but this year I was there for the after-party. All the bars were PACKED many full of douchebags and intimidatingly beautiful girls, all TRASHED. I’m sure they had been drinking since 2 in the afternoon or so. I wanted to go to the George & Dragon (I like English Pubs) but it was too crowded we couldn’t get a drink. So we bar hopped to down the street at places that didn’t have a cover. It wasn’t until we got to the Irish pub that we were able to actually hear one another and find a proper seat. At all the other places it was so loud we couldn’t talk, so we just were kinda wallflowers and played the voyeurism game. I liked playing the game “who’s getting laid by the end of the night, who’s going home alone despite all their efforts at the end of the night and whose going to be puking by the end of the night.” It’s a fun game, especially when one is pretty sober in a bar full of people that are somewhere between hour 4 and hour 6 of drinking.
When we got the text we went to the Troll to see Raye. She was up toward the front. I almost missed her coming by because I was hiding behind a pole taking a swig from the flask I brought and had to run after her to take a picture. After our work was done as supportive friends, Cathy and I took the bus back to the Hill and went to the Dunnes and met up with Christine. We hung out for a while until Christine got the text to go to her cheering station and we parted ways. Cathy and I headed up to hill home and Christine headed down to go cheer for Raye. Apparently, when Raye walked by instead of shouting  “woo!” Or “way to go!” Christine pointed and her watch and shouted, “Hey Raye we can still make last call!” ha ha ha! I love my girls.
Sunday afternoon when my dad was picking me up I noticed my wallet was not in my purse I freaked out. I hoped I had lost it in the Dunnes proper and not somewhere between the Dunnes and home. I am so fucking lucky. I cam in and Bret & Rochelle had it for me. I can’t tell you how relieved I was. I’m going to buy them a card and give it to them tonight. I love my bar.
Last night I watched Marie Antoinette. I borrowed it from the rents and couldn’t sleep and ended up watching it. It was pretty, absolutely gorgeous but ya know I have a problem with it. Perhaps I’m over analyzing but I had a bad case of insomnia due to the extreme heat that our apartment generates in the summer and since I couldn’t sleep I couldn’t help but think about the movie I had just watched. I don’t want to feel sorry for her. I don’t really. I mean yeah she grew up in privilege and didn’t know any different but the spiky revolutionary in me just says the bitch got what she deserved for her over extravagance while people were starving. Then I though about what the movie means in current times. Whatever happened to “up against the wall mother fucker,” “the revolution will not be televised” and other such spirited phrases. Now we’re supposed to feel sorry for the spoiled aristocrat? WTF? I mean the whole “The people are starving, I suppose you can stop having diamonds sent to Versailles,” reminded me all too much of George W.’s “Well since there’s a war on, I’ll stop playing golf.” Gee what a sacrifice, jerks! It infuriates me and by the end of the movie I had blood lust for her head to be cut off too. (Which I didn’t even get to see, btw.!) Then there was the parallel that the French were sending money to a foreign revolution (America) while today we’re involved in Afghanistan and Iraq. So I guess drawing from those similarities and the attidude of the film I can only conclude that this time of mine is a generation of complacent anti-revolutionaries, that value extravagance over the plights of the poor. That depresses me.
*sigh*  C’est la vie, I suppose.  
Oh and RIP George Carlin. Very sad. (He totally would have cut off her head too.) I kept getting distracted writing this blog because I kept getting caught up in reading really great George Carlin quotes. Made me laugh.

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