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Fantastic Pride weekend

I wasn’t sure if I was going to write about my pride weekend, at least not until I collect all of the pictures from Raye and my camera and make a full on blog. But truth be told I didn’t take all that many pictures anyway so I might as well just try to write about it. Like I said, Christine’s gay boy, Brandon is in town and we’ve been going out every night since he got here it would seem.
Friday I had to work opening night at the theatre while Raye, Christine and Brandon did some fun touristy stuff. When I got off work I went straight for the Dunnes and blew my tip money. Afterwards, I had to go to the Crescent, even though I am not a fan. Brandon isn’t a karaoke fan either, so he appreciated it about as much as I did/ Though I did support Christine and Cathy singing “I Touch Myself” and that was the bar where our party got biggere by adding Ryan and Samuel and David. I also ran into this really cute, super, tall barista I’ve had a crush on for a couple years. I had more than enough liquid courage to go up and talk to him (luckily I found out it was his last week at Union Square so I’ll never see him again should I embarrass myself.) There was no real use in talking to him anyway as his hand was practically up her girlfriends twat the whole time anyway. Whatevs. Moving on, we ended up at Purr where Brandon found an adequately pretty boy to persue for the weekend. I was starting to get worried that Seattle gay boys were too ugly or something as he kept getting down late in the night because no one was hot enough to go after. The night for me gets hazy at this point in the story and all I can say is that I need to seriously evaluate my alcohol consumption in the upcoming events this summer and practice better restraint, if nothing else but to decrease the amount of damage not just to my liver but to the rest of my body.
Saturday morning I woke up and Raye, Christine Cathy and I went out for breakfast before running errands for the BBQ at Christine’s. We went to that new place where Minni’s used to be. Well, the girls did anyway. I walked over to Uptown to get coffee, as I am not a breakfast person. Afterwards we ran over to Fred Myer to get food for the BBQ and waited for our gay boys, and Ryan to show up. We ate, I made a terrible grill master and naturally, some Cranium came out as well. There was a lul after a while and we all had a bit of a cuddle puddle on Christine’s bed and watched some Kids in the Hall before heading back to the hill. I stayed in, as the others went back out to R place and Neighbors for more dancing.
Sunday came too soon. Even though I went to bed earlier than everyone else, I did not want to get up to go to the parade but I got dressed and made it out with Raye and Cathy in time to meet up with Dorothy. I love pride the the parade itself is starting to get really old. It’s the same groups every year and there are never any real floats. I had fun but I was over it really pretty quickly. Oh yeah and I accidently ran into (literally) the mayor. The one time I’m within an arms length of the mayor and I don’t recognize him quickly enough to pop him one or let him know what I think of him. Damnit. I ran to the girls and asked if they wanted to take him out, but they’d probably miss the parade. *sigh* what a wasted opportunity.
After the parade, the girls, Brandon & Ryan, went up the hill to have annual post parade sandwiches at the Honey Hole, before checking out what was going on at the Seattle Center. I have to say that this was my first experience with pride at the Seattle Center and it was pretty awesome, all those half naked people dancing in the fountain. It was WAY better than Volunteer Park (where you can’t even have a damn beer garden). We went to the bistro I the Seattle Center (wow, there’s a terrible place!) for drinks for a while, unable to get a hold of Sam and David or Brandon’s pretty boy Justin. Eventually Brandon wandered off and Christine, Raye and I took to the sade and did some people watching. Afterwards we went to dinner at Pesos (so damn delicious!) and back to Christine’s for some more laziness and Kids in the Hall. Missed that lighting storm, sadly. That looked neat! Oh god I have to speed this up as I’m getting off work soon. Crap. Any way it was a lot of fun. Tonight’s Brandon’s last night in Sea Town and we’re doing the Monday all night happy hour at Dragonfish. I need me some calamari. Pictures coming soon.

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