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This Saturday we celbrated Raye's birthday. Raye and Cathy's birthday are very close together so this year we decided to put a week in between the two birthday celebrations. For Raye's birthday Cathy, Christine and I plotted the surprise party, a BBQ with a German theme and we rented a, you guessed it BOUNCE HOUSE!

So even though there we many pics taken I didn't have much time to upload very many on Sunday so this is all I have to offer. (sorry, friends) Being in the bounce house was so insanely fun. When it came in and Cathy, Christine and I went in to stest it out by the second bounce we were just giggling uncontrolably. Once the party got started and we started breaking the "5 adults at a time" rule it was even more fun. We also broke the "no wrestling" rule pretty quickily and spent most of the time in the bounce house wrestling. :) Check it out...

Christine pinning Raye

Raye about to crash on Mir (I should really stop wrestling Raye, I'll never win)

Yeah, it looks like Cathy and me are hugging but really she's just about to throw me down. (She kicked my ass too)

Bouncing and wrestling is exhausting.

That's all I got as far as bounce house peicutres uploaded.

There was a plethora of food, german potato pancakes, gerkin salad, and of course many many braughts! Yum. Oh yeah and I made my first cheesecake and it turned out perfect.

To those who didn't make it, you missed out on rolling around in a bounce house with a handfull of cute girls and boys, girls bouncing topless, boozing and eating this amazing cake. Good times.

 In other news, also this weekend I...

- Did yard work for the first time in my life (I grew up in apartments. We had to do a buch of yardwork on the 4th before the bounce house showed up. It was fun at first then just tiring. There was also a slug incodent. I don't need to do yard work again any time soon)
- Walked a hole in my shoe. (I was walking on 15th from Christine's to my parent's house on the 4th and by 56th investigated why my foot felt on fire, I had a hole in my shoes and socks and was walking on on the bare ball of my foot, and had to continue all the way to Dravus. You know how much gravel and glass is along 15...LOTS!)
- Replaced my MP3 player I left my old one at the gym locker room last week. (To the bitch who took it rather than turning it in, I hope you turn it all the way up and learn you can't turn it back down w/out plugging it into the computer and changing it there. Also i hope you like Nino Ferrer...BITCH!)
- Spent 4th of July with the 'rents drinking pitchers of margaretas and comokozis (yum) and watching Dr. Who & fireworks. :)
- Did a really god job with the whole drinkin' in moderation at Raye's party. Though that might have had something to do with the bounce house and the amount of food. I didn't need a third throw up factor.
- Got necessary new shoes and effing adorible new shoes.

Good weekend. All around. Am now broke. If you need me I'll be under my rock.


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Jul. 7th, 2008 07:04 pm (UTC)
Topless bouncing girls. Damn, I knew I should have come, rather than rip out the carpet from my basement.
Jul. 7th, 2008 07:25 pm (UTC)
Yep, bouncing topless girls. There are no pictures of that part either, Though I have a fear in the back of my mind that one of the neighbors had a night vision cam corder and our topless bouncy antics are somewhere on YouTube already. I'm paranoid though.
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