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Random Panda

  • So yesterday I left the gym and since I figured I'd get all sweaty walking up the hill to get home I didn't bother changing back to my work clothes and just walked up Pike in my sweaty gym clothes. And you know what, I discovered the secret to keep soliciters away! Seriously walk up the street with obviously sweaty tits and the summer Greenpeace and Save the Children volunteers will not just leave you alone, they'll step out of your way. "The seas just parted, darling."
  • Also when changing at the gym I realized that I was crazy pink yesterday. Now I know how barbie feels. I changed from a pink striped shirt, pink skirt and pink bra to a pink t-shirt, pink shorts and a pink sports bra. :P I was also in pink socks. I know that as a 20 soming I have embraced the color pink, maybe I'm going a bit overboard and need to let it go.
  • I do the strangest things when I have a crush. I gave Jon at work my novella to read yesterday. That's weird. That's probably going to set me back a little bit with him. Oh well it's a pretty inappropriate crush, anyway. Stil, I'd like to hear back from a male about how well (or not well) I did writing from a male point of view. He hasn't mentioned it today so I'm a little worried. Had a completely useless MIr night last night and got absolutely no writing done. grr. I need to get back into the groove of having two writing nights and one grad school night . I really need to get focused and back on track with that. And of course the weekly book meeting with the grils. It's summer so I want to go out and play and enjoy the sun but hey, I gots me a laptop this summer I suppose I could be productive AND catch some rays. :)
  • Raye and I are going to visit Cathy at the Smith tower after work and she's going to take us as her guest to the observation deck. Pretty excited to take pictures of my beautiful city on this fine, clear day!

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