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Stuff and Things

«     Went to Eddie Izzard on Saturday with the rents and Christine. Our seats were awesome, like row L on the left side. You couldn’t spit on Eddie but were close enough to toss something at him (not that I would want to do either of those things, of course. I adore Eddie). Bought tickets so long ago it kinda crept up on me. Had fun though, had a handful of margaritas with my mum before meeting up with Christine (who had had some wine before the show) She was really excited to finally see him. I was almost blaze in comparison since I’ve seen him three times previously. The show was great. Hilarious. My face hurt halfway through from smiling so much and I was laughing ‘till I cried at the end. Plus, I was happy to hear that Eddie has fully embraced his atheism. After Christine when home the rents and I went to McCormicks for the late night happy hour and I got me come muscles and some oyster shooters for cheap!  
«     Sunday, went with Raye and Cathy for Raye’s 25th b-day proper. Drank a bit too much which explains why Monday I was so not hip to life in general. I bounced early and unfortunately didn’t even get to see her and Cathy playing in the fountain at Cal Andreson Park. Monday Raye and I nursed our hangovers with pizza and episodes of House. Tonight’s Cathy’s b-day. We’re going to the Dunnes but I need to make sure I don’t re-live this Monday. Speaking of which, even though she doesn't see this, Happy Birthday Wishes to Cathy! Woot!
«     I indulged in a bit of naughty retail therapy yesterday. Stupid Amazon. I got a used VHS for a buck of a movie that I’m curious to see, Trouble in Mind. It by the same dude who directed my favorite movie of all time (the Moderns) plus it was shot in Seattle in the early-mid 80’s (I’m always curious to see what I only barely remember my city looking like) and Divine is in it, so my curiosity must be satisfied. Then the site informed me there was a foreign movies and TV sale and I saw Absolutely Fabulous seasons 1-3 for like 23 bucks and I couldn’t resist, considering one season is about that much, usually). I mean the dollar video was acceptable but the AbFab was really just a splurge, which would be fine if it wasn’t birthday season. Oh well, at least I have something to look forward to in the mail. I guess this holds off my decision of whether to get my Dr. Who series with my rebate check or put the FULL amount to my credit card (which was the plan).
«     Speaking of Dr. Who (to drill in what a huge dork I am) I had a Dr. Who dream this morning. I can’t remember much of it, but I was back at Seattle U. The Pope was coming to visit the school and for whatever reason, when he showed up they just started guillotining college kids for his amusement. I was pretty upset about it at first, all crying and shit, not what a good companion does but then I snapped out of it, saying “well this only affirms my position as an atheist.”. Then the Dr. got that crazy look in his eye and said it was okay because he had “one of these” and held up something.-“Isn’t that one of those clippie things for keeping bags of chips fresh?” I asked. And with that my fucking alarm went off!! So annoying. I really would have liked to know how we would have saved the SU student body all MaGyver style with a clippie thing. 


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Jul. 16th, 2008 08:51 pm (UTC)
I remember really liking Trouble in Mind, but I haven't seen it since the '80s, so I barely remember it. Let me know!
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