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 Terry and I just got back from having a quick margarita for our lunch ½ hour across the street.
I got my drink for free too, sweet!
Wednesday was Cathy’s b-day proper. We went to the Dunnes at around seven. At first it was just Cathy, Raye and I but later Ryan showed up and much to our surprise Christine as well, with an Australian man. I guess she went to Pesos in the afternoon for some alone time to read and enjoy happy hour and they started talking and he tagged along later. He was nice and all but it’s fun to try to look at the night from his perspective. Afternoon/early evening: starts talking to a chick at a Mexican restaurant in lower Queen Anne. 6:45ish: follows her to an Irish pub in Capitol Hill meets The Girls™ who start kissing the birthday girl by, oh 8:30, and then by 10:30 is invited up the hill for beer and a round of Cranium until the whole lot are all kicked out my Mir and Raye at 1:30 so the hostesses can go to bed and get to work on time. Anyway just seems funny to me. When I talk about how standoffish Seattleites are, perhaps The Girls™ are the exception--inviting strangers to our tables and our homes (and Ryan, too who’s lately been a surrogate girl, in on the e-mails and everything).
Anyway. Cathy’s surprise B-Day party is tomorrow. Contact me if you’re interested in joining the festivities!
Oh yeah and here’s a survey I filled out earlier in the day...and check it. I got my IT crowd mood theme to work. Word. 

Movie survey taken from stupidbaby

1. What movie have you seen the most times in the theater? How many times?
Umm apart from Rocky Horror Picture show I think the only other movies I saw in the theatre more than once was Superbad and Oh Brother.

3. What is the first movie you remember seeing in a theater?
I think the first movie I saw was a Care Bares movie but I don’t really remember that. The first I remember was Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

4. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
I’m kinda leaning with Victoria on this, I like the Velvet Goldmine and the Trainspotting Soundtrack

5. Have you ever dressed up as a movie character for Halloween? If so, who?
Glinda the Good Witch of the North

6. What was the first R-rated movie you ever saw? Were you allowed or did you sneak?
You know I was the only 5 year old in the audience of a Fish Called Wanda and the only like 8 year old in the Theatre of Four Rooms. My parents didn’t really care too much. They figured I was a smart kid.

7. Star Wars (orig. trilogy) or Lord of the Rings?
Star Wars, no doubt. I hate that Lord of the Rings shit.

8. Pacino or De Niro?
Pachino? Wins for Dog Day Afternoon. I like that movie.

9. Titanic...did it suck or was it great?
Sucked the shit right out of my asshole.

10. What's your take on Cassavetes?

11. Favorite John Hughes character?
Is saying the bad ass from Breakfast Club too cliché an answer?

12. What movie gives you a boner (or makes you tingle)?
The Moderns (art, Paris, 20’s) and Velvet Goldmine (glam rock, Ewan, Ewan’s penis)

13. What movie always makes you cry like the big puss you are?
Love Actually thouth I cry easily

14. What's the furthest you've ever gotten in a movie theater? (i.e, second base...).
No where...though once watching Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrel I was on top of a boy making out by the time the main character botches the poker game. There’s something hot about making out in a short school girl shirt to “I Wanna Be Your Dog”

15. Speaking of sports metaphors, what's your favorite sports movie?
Ummmm A League of Their Own, chick baseball movie. Word.

16. Favorite
(a)... teen movie?
hmmm I’m not sure it was Breakfast Club when I was a teenager. I’d prefer ‘80’s college movies and Real Genius actually though
(b)...Quentin Tarantino movie?
Resevior Dogs

(c)...Bill Murray movie?
Any Wes Anderson movie he’s in

(d)...romantic comedy?
Love Actually romantic comedy, Christmas movie, Hugh Grant movie, it’s got it all.
Theough a close second would be the Importance of Being Ernest ya know, cuz it’s Oscar Wilde.
(e)...gangster movie?
Pulp Fiction
(f)...horror movie?
I don’t really watch real horror movies so I’ll say Shawn of the Dead

(g)...made for TV movie?
Don’t watch those

Terry Gilliam, no, Cohen brothers, no Wes Anderson, no Jon Waters.
(i)...drug movie?
Transpotting, duh.

17. What movie have you seen already but will never, ever, ever watch again?
Requiem for a Dream, too draining. I might never put myself through Dancer in the Dark again either.

18. What movie are you embarrassed to really like?
I can’t think of one off hand at the moment but I’m sure there’s plenty

19. What movie should be remade asap?
oh man I don’t know I don’t care too much for re-makes, usually

20. What the F happened to (insert answer)? He used to be so damn funny!
Eddie Murphy

21. For the love of everything that's sacred, please someone stop (insert answer) from making another movie!
I agree with Julia Roberts, I would add the people who do those really bad comedies like the spartian thing and I think they did all the scary movies, they’re just lame. Please stop.

22. What movie do all your friends love but you think is whatevs?
Edward Siscorhands, it puts me to sleep

23. What movie do you love but all your friends think is whatevs?
Amadeus it puts my firdns to sleep (I imagine)

24. If you could hump/date/marry any movie character, who would it be?
Oh too many Ewan and Johnny movies to choose from!! I’ll take Ewan in Moulin Rouge, darling little romantic singing writer boy in a bowler hat.

25. Best movie ever?
Oh gosh that’s too hard a question for me right now.

26. Book you wish would be made into a movie, and who would direct it?
Oh gosh they’ve made a bunch of books I like  into movies, except perhaps some of the existential fiction I like but I just don’t see people going to the cinema to see Nausea any time soon. Although The Man who Wasn’t There was a Cohen brothers movies based loosely on The Stranger. So...yeah I don’t know.

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