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Ce Weekend

Once again, I need a weekend from my weekend. It was a very full weekend. Friday, I worked, worked out at the gym and went straight to the theatre to bartend. After the show I went home and relaxed. No going out to the Dunnes or anything afterward. Just lying in bed watching telly. 

Saturday I got up early and took a walk around Seattle. Got home and got stuff together for Cathy’s birthday and baked a cake. Cathy’s birthday surprise was a Sweet 16 party (at 26). It was fancy dress and we rented a limo for our ride to dinner. Cathy came over and got pretty, eventually as did Christine and Ryan. We pre-funked at the apartment and when the limo showed up I was surprised it was one of those terrible hummer limos, but whatevs. The driver was nice and funny and didn’t mind too much stopping at Safeway to get Champaign for the ride to Bush Gardens in the international district for a sushi feast and karaoke. I’ve always wanted to eat dinner on the floor in one of those little rooms. I even got to say the line “Where’s my geisha I need my shoes” (from Down with Love). We managed to plow through two giant platters of sushi and it was so delicious! Afterwards we moved the party over to the bar. Samuel and David showed up a little later (with I guess two of David’s friends). The Girls™ and Samuel sang “Bohemian Rapcity“ and I showed off my impressive head-baging skills (in fany dress, mind you). Samuel and I did Ziggy Stardust together when we were pretty trollied. The night was really fun, kinda crazy I don’t think our group was well liked as the loud and obnoxious ones but whatever, I wouldn’t blame them. I lost my temper and the end of the night and threw the remnints of Cathy’s cake in the street (still on the plate). Not proud of that behavior but now I know that whiskey + sake + long islands = throwing cake into the street. But seriously who cock blocks their friend? Who are these “friends” of these people we keep meeting? It’s totally not cool.. Whatevs. Pictures coming as soon as I have time. 
            Sunday was obviously a hangover recovery day. Raye and I lied in her bed and watched Batman Begins because I hadn’t seen it yet and I needed a background before seeing The Dark Knight (which I’m seeing at IMAX tonight! So excited!) My hanging out with my mum consisted of having dinner at the Hop Vine then going to Volunteer Park to see Theatre Schmeater’s park show, Wind in the Willows, which my dad is acting in. It was pretty adorable, though there were enough sexual innuendo to make it humorous for adults too. Afterwards, we hit up the Rosebud but alas I was not ready for alcohol again, but I was down with the conversation with the rents, Raye and Julia (from the Schmee). All in all a busy but good weekend. 

Gotta go. It’s time to leave work, take a walk and get my Batman viewing on! Woo. Best superhero ever.
One last thing, just an odd thought that came in my head. Do you suppose the only cinema that deaf people actually go out to see at the theatre is foreign films because they’re subtitled? Just curious.

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