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Here are the rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying "Interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very personal nature.
3. You will update your LiveJournal with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include these rules and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
1. Do you think you'll ever re-unite with lost friends?
Well, today I’m bussing it down to Olympia to visit my old friend Stephanie who I haven’t seen in over 2 years!
But I’m quite certain that’s not exactly what you’re talking about and you’re asking in reference to a certain former BFF of mine in which case the answer is no. Not gonna happen. It was about hard feelings and those are still there (and I’m afraid it’s not the internets business to explain my side so I’m aware I look like the bad guy with a grudge as far as my LJ friends are concerned but whatever I don’t care.) Ultimately, though, we’ve gone our separate ways and I think I’m the better having done so. The friendships I’ve developed since that fall-out two years ago are stronger in many ways than the one I had with her. I’m not the same person she knew. I’m much more confident, stronger and existentially grounded these days. There’s absolutely nothing to gain from re-uniting with that person. She might even be happy with the path she has chosen too. The universe is at peace with a permanent schism between us.

2. Has university been a waste of money and time in regard to helping you get a job relevant to your interests?
I mean, I guess it has. I’m not currently doing anything related to my degree officially. I suppose one could argue that my education at a private four year institution was a waste. However, even though I joke about it and pay for it every month, I’ve never felt like it was a bad investment. I adore learning. I love school. I’m a snob about education, want my MA and want my degrees from a good school. I’m not a technical school kinda gal. Besides, If I didn’t go to SU I wouldn’t be the person I am, I wouldn’t have the friendships I have and I wouldn’t have discovered three of my adored interests—travel, modern art and philosophy. Gosh I wouldn’t have been to Paris, a life changing experience. Plus I did get what I wanted there, I left a better writer than I was when I came in.

3. Have you a mental profile of someone whom you might consider as a life mate?
I’m pretty open minded. I mean I have that image of the perfect person who is super sexy, super talented, smart, witty, with money, a career and worships and adores me. That person of course exists only in my dreams, of course. I mean, really I might as well add that they have a time machine. :P
Really all it would take would be someone who is funny (most important), intelligent, good conversation, sweet, driven, willing and able to put up with my shit, and gets along with my friends.  Oh yeah and probably a plus to be around the same nerd level as me. Brittish or UK accent preferred but not necessary.

4. How do you think you'd react if you were suddenly plunked down in a small town somewhere?
I’d find a way out, and back to the city. I can’t be out of the city for too long. I start feeling all antsy and freaked out. Seriously if I was dropped in a small town I’d call family member and ask to be wired money or something to get back home. If I was standed somewhere in the wilderness I would undoubidly die. I don’t even go camping.

5. How seriously have you thought about moving to Europe?
Well, I wish this question came up at a different time. I want to go to graduate school in London. I was very serious about it. I talked to professors about it. Took notes. Read books of prospective professors. I have a filling cabinet devoted to it for fuck sakes! However July got crazy busy and I got behind in my research. To add insult to injury I hit a writer’s block and fell into a deep depression about my writing. Now I think I’m crap. My writing is derivative, nihilistic masturbation and I have nothing interesting or worthwhile to say. I might as well become a heroin addict, or a teacher or just throw myself off of a bridge. Thank god for the book The Girls™ are writing together or I wouldn’t be writing at all at the moment. I know I have to get to London. In my depression I’ve looked up alternatives to grad school but I’m getting too old for many abroad programs, you need a driver’s license to be an au pere (but I hate children anyway) and I have no skills that make me an international-worthy employee.
Anyway. I knew that this journey to the UK would have ups and downs and it would be difficult. I knew that it would require tenacity. I need to get over this hump, and I know I must at least TRY and apply before I give up on my dream. If I don’t get in, well then I’ll find an alternate way of getting across the pond, even if just for a vacation. 

Man that was a sad way to end. in other news Yesh I'm going to Olywa tonight to visit Stephanie. I'm pretty excited. Though I'm totally exhausted. Last night I walked to Christines after work and then after she did hair we went to the Guilty Pleasures show that Paul's band Blue Light Curtian was playing at the Tractor in Ballard. Now I remember why I didn't go out drinking in Ballard when I wasn't dating Andrew. After I poured Christine into a cab I went to go see when the next 15/18 was coming by. It didn't leave Market and 15th until 1:51 and it was only just one in the morning. I started walking south on 15th, crossing the bridge and so forth. I figured I would get as far as I could and if a bus or cab went by I would hail it. Then about by the Magnolia bridge the construction workers had the sidewalk closed and I had to walk against traffic. Once on the other side of the street I saw TONS of cabs drive by that couldn't get to me. So I walked to Lower Queen Anne (it was around 1:30 at that point maybe later) I figured the bars closing there would mean there would be cab. Not a sasuage. In fact Lower Queen Anne was fucking eerily DESOLATE. Not a 2 to come by. Not a soul. So I had given up and just figured, fuck it, I'll just walk up Denny. Luckily I managed to grab one at 1st and Denny infront of what was formally Minnie's and I got a ride up the Hill. I don't mind walking to Ballard but walking home at one in the morning, sucks. That's probably the being drunk, tried and afraid of being raped.
Long story short: Christine cut and dyed my hair and it's very short and summery and fabulous. :P



Aug. 8th, 2008 11:04 pm (UTC)
Thanks a bunch, Mir, for answering those questions! I was uncertain if it was wise to ask you that first question, but I wanted to know; and you were very accommodating in answering it the way you did.

It pains me to ask personal questions, because I fear I'll invade someone's privacy too much; but since I'm going to burn in Hell anyway, I thought "Why not? Go ahead!" I do hope the graduate-school scenario works out for you; and I appreciate what you've pointed out in response to the question about attending university, because I feel much the same way.

Aug. 11th, 2008 04:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Aha!
Thanks for the good questions!

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