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 So this weekend was sort of a bust. Well it wasn’t bad it was just the weekend of plans not going through, really. Friday I was supposed to go to Olympia to visit Stephanie but since I didn’t receive a confirmation from her I decided not take the long ass bus ride and risk being stranded in Olywa. I was disappointed. I was really looking forward to that visit but I was also exhausted. Instead I got to stay in my city and sleep in my bed and relax. Raye and I went and picked out some moves to watch Friday night and we lay around house lazily until Cathy and Ryan came over and we sat around drinking and talking.
Saturday I was rather productive, cleaning my room, doing laundry and such. I bartended at the theatre and made some good tips. That night Raye, Cathy, Ryan and I had plans to go to the midnight outdoor showing of Rocky Horror down at the Seattle Center, but after the rain earlier in the evening we were all kind of on the fence about it. Ryan, Raye and I all just decided to stay in, order a pizza and watch it on DVD.
Sunday I made some awesome whit chocolate chip cookies to bring to the wrap party at the theatre. Both the park show and the show I’ve been bartending for closed this weekend so there was a wrap party at the theatre on Sunday after the park show. My mum and I went to the park show then fetched my cookies and headed down. The party was fun. We were a little late and missed out on the good food (which really perturbed me) but there was still free beer and snack type food. Being back in the theatre world is kinda weird but still nice. I grew up in theatre so it’s hugely important to me and I know the life, but it’s still not really “my” thing, you know. I decided not to pursue it myself. Yet, here I am. I’m having fun though and enjoying it again. Though it’s also weird though because I’m not the “kid” anymore, I'm kinda displaced from my usual identity in that setting. I’m just another person who works there but I'm not sure if I'm seen as Dougs daughter or just as Mir. Now I’m there working with other adults my age who have chosen that life and it’s weird (but fun, for sure). It has been fun to talk to others who work there who are in the 24-26 age however, at the same time there’s still that family element because my dad works there and the older generation of theatre people have known me since I was a kid (a handful of them anyway.) That is to say it’s weird that I was there talking to the stage manager of the show (who I ran into in Ballard on Thursday at the Tractor as well) having a nice conversation and then have my dad come up to me later and say “Go talk to _____ some more. I saw you flirting with him, it was so cute. He’s a good guy, go talk to him some more.” To which I reverted into a teenager got embarrassed and hid outside to smoke a cigarette. See...that’s the weirdness of being back in the theatre as an adult. Though I do have to say, I’m not a karaoke fan at all, but karaoke with theatre people is a lot more fun than at a bar. Ya know, half are actors and want attention and can be very entertaining and the ratio of people in the room full of theatre people who can sing is much better. There was a very entreating rendition of “Rocket Man”  from one of the Park show actors. Then the very queeny actor from the park show did “Sweet Transvestite” and ended up taking his pants off and the end and the whole room just fell out!
After the wrap party I went home to watch the two part season finale of Dr. Who my ‘rents taped for me. It was very exciting. Unfortunately after it was over and I turned off the lights to go to bed, ready to dream my dorky Dr. Who dreams, I couldn’t fall asleep because Johnny and Sally White Trash had to have a brawl that spewed into the alley way. Oh gawd. So this couple moved into our building who are SO white trash. They hang out on their stoop in the alley all the time, which is re-fucking-cockulous when they have a garden in the back. Actually Raye and I consider it to be really rude to hang out, smoke cigarettes in the alleyway because the way the building is set up all the bedrooms are on the alleyway wall and voices bounce against the fence and just everyone can hear you. Besides, the alley is the main entrance and hence the “common area” where you should respect others and the space as much also possible but these people have shit spilling out of their apartment into the alley and ashtrays and a bicycle out there. It’s really annoying. So last night when they were in an argument, the fight, like everything else spilled out into the alley and it went on for hours! It was such a white trash argument including such phrases as “shut up, woman (or bitch).” Though I gotta say when at one point it seemed like they might reconcile as they were reminiscing about better days (it continued for two more hours, though, unfortunately) I got to hear the ever-so-classy sentiment from the fellow “That was a good night. You were hot. I came like forty times that night.” Priceless. Anyway I might need to write a letter or something and let them know that their voices carry and the alley is not the place for that, especially if it’s going to go on until 4 in the goddamned morning. I don’t want to have to get cops involved but I don’t deserve to loose sleep when they could take it inside.
That was a really long blog about a comparably non-eventful weekend. Sorry. Kind of stream of consciousness there. But give me a break, I’m fucking tired!

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