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  • Midget count is up to 17. It's been stagnent for a while but on Tuesday I saw a new one on Broadway while on my walk (rockin')
  • Bad news. My camera has not been found at Samuel & David's house post the SeaFair party. :( It's very very sad. I can't afford another one right now. so that really sucks. I'm just not meant to have a camera. It would seem. I need to get one before Halloween, however. Luckily whoever took it only have one embarassing photo of me. So if you pic of my sunburnt ass (asctually my ass was the only part that wasn't completely red, which is why it was picture worthy) in Hawii leaks out on to the internet, help a sista out, find the sourse and beat somebody down for me. Thanks. Game night is at Samuel's this weekend however, so I might be able to snoop around and hopefully find it.
  • So the writing front has been much better this week. I had one moderatly productive Mir andight and one very productive Mir night. I think I'm over the writing funk. Plus I'm back on track on my grad school focus. I think the latter bit of this summer is going to be more focused, escpecially now that I'm free from theatre committments and birthdays for a while.
  • Last night The Girls™ made brownies and cookis and such for the Books for Prisoner's garage sale in my neighborhood. I made white choclate chip cookies and buttersscotch chip cookies (chocolate chip is so 20th century). I think us girls are all individually on our own doing our thing for the community/worrld kick. Raye did the Suicide walk, Christines been working with Books for Prisioners, Cathy just adopted a Save the Children kid. I'm going to turn in my application to tutor english to kids in juvie via the King Co. Library. I was going to just voluteer to tutor English but in the application process all the branches they need help in are out in the boonies or the EastSide and w/out a car that just aint hapening. The program in the city propper is with the KCLS Youth Service Center. So that way I get to stay in the city and help out. I hope they accept me!
  • I think that's about it. ONly other thing to add is this hilarious video I origionally found on Why that's Delightful! It's like the Chicken who thought the sky was falling only MORE hiliarious and more pathetic. Seriously, didn't anyone give her the memo on how light works? No one told her about Roy G. Biv?


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Aug. 15th, 2008 09:28 pm (UTC)
Apparently what the govt. has put in our water and oxygen supplies have crept up and are eating this chics brain cells. What the hell is going on? What is ooozing out this crazy bitches mouth?


Don't mess with rainbows man. They're fucking scary!! They will fuck you up!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I hope things are going good for you guys.
Aug. 29th, 2008 04:57 pm (UTC)
Hey wassup. Hope you're well I've tried to call but you're never around. We should hangout sometime it's been forever.
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