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Too Much (Part two-the good)

The good stuff of this weekend—
-As mentioned my box set of Dr. Who arrived in the mail Friday afternoon. That’s pretty fantastic if you ask me. I’m still kinda excited about it. Plus it saved me once.
-I had an interview for my volunteering gig.
-Christine took me out to lunch at Mama’s on Saturday afternoon, and afterwards did a little shopping at Everyday Music. I think I might have a problem and am visiting a little too often to look at a certain eye candy there. It’s okay I mean once a pay check or once a month isn’t so bad, right? I’ve run out of room on my CD towers though.
- After getting hassled on Thursday and since I’m going to be volunteering evenings on in Columbia city, and bussing on the 7 and the 48, my dad’s friend has offered to give me a self defense lesson. He’s a buff dude a former marine and a sniper in Vietnam. I’m going to learn how to kill somebody with my pinky and shit! I’m gonna be t-u-f-f for real now!
- Finally, even though I’ve been generally depressed for the past two weeks and some events don’t help the situation, the writing front has been much better. (Well, except my chapter for the book The Girls™ are writing but...) Saturday night was a very productive Mir Night. 2 bottles of wine, one piece finished and another one started. I guess that’s part of being down, it’s easier to focus. It’s also easier to be anti-social and hole up in the bedroom alone. I wonder which one better suits me, happy and lazy or sad and productive? I wish I could be happy an productive all the time but...I guess where’s the fun in that?

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