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Bow to my awesomness...

Woo-hoo! I finished payroll in record time!! I had that shit sent in beofre noon!! I rockI I want to go downstairs and have all the teachers bown down to my awesomeness!! I know that sounds dumb but I don't hink they realise what a pain in the ass payroll can be. Just tracking down people and filling all thier missed punches and cleaning the clock is only half of it. There's a million things that can go wrong in transfering the files from one system to another and I've run into a different one pretty much every time when I'm left the responsibility to do it on my own. Usually Mir doing payroll on her own=a call to tech support. It's a big responsibility, I want every one to get paid, but it can be a tough process. So when it goes well. smoothly and quickily that awesome responsibility just turnes into general awesomeness on Mir's part. Damn I should have put that in the check memo..."Mir is awesome" I'm sure they'd notice. Maybe next time. In the meantime at least I have the "I'm a star" shirt on, that'll do for now. Also...it's pretty awesome blasting my music and sitting in the bosses chair all morning. That's an extra selfesteem booster right there.

In other news...
So last night I got a funny survey call. I don't know why I answered but I agreed to take 15 minutes of my time. Aparently it was about tobacco brands.
Woman: Tell me if you buy the following products. Orange juice?
Mir: No
Woman: Beer?
Mir: On occasion
Woman: Vodka?
Mir: Yes!
Woman: Cigarettes?
Mir: Yes
I sound so classy, huh? So the survey was about brands of cigarettes. I'm a loyal Camel Filters smoker. Have been for years. They asked what I smoked before Calmels and I admitted Marlbs, but that was 10 years ago. She asked what I would buy if Camels weren't avalible, which is hardly ever the case. The last time I can recall Camels not being availibe was in Paris (or they were availibe but rediculously expensive). There's nothing like a survey to remind you of your loyalty to the company that you're paying to possibly slowly kill you. Then the questions just got silly..
Woman: I'm going to say a series of staments and please reply with how much you agree with that statment.
Mir: okay
Woman: Camel Brand reflects my beliefs.
Mir: ???? Um neither agree nor disagree
Woman: Camel Brand reflects my attitude towrads life.
Mir: *confused silence* neither agree nor disagree.

I couldn't even fathom how a product would reflect my attitude towards life. I mean I'm not going to say I don't have brand identity (i'm obvioulsy a loyal Camel smoker and Diet Coke drinker, etc) but brand identity isn't something deeply felt. It's a preference, or a default. Anyway there were a bunch of those kind of questions. Plus some that were essentially asking if I choose camels to "look cool." Thank god for the neither agree nor disagree option. The only one I said I agreed to was that recieving free cigarettes improved my opinion of Camels, but i failed to mention that it was actually becasue they were given to me by a midget which I thought was pretty cool.

By the way count how many times I used the word "awesome" ("what like a hot dog?")in that post and win a prize.


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