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Oh it's such a perfect day...

So I'm at a coffee shop before I have to do box office at the Schmee. I don't have time to go home, really or i'd just have enough time to sit down then stand right back up and walk back down the hill.

Last night Christine and I did Ballard. Tin Hat and Hatties. I miss those bars. I kinda miss Ballard now-a-days. Chrashed at Christine's and today we hopped on a bus and went to the art museum becasue I wanted to see the Inspiring Impressionism exhibit before it goes away. The exhibit was one of the better ones for SAM. The Paris class has made me such a snob ("what only two cezannes? WTF You call this an art museum?") Nothing like going to the Louvre, Orsay, Picasso, Rodain, museum (and bothe MoMAs) to spoil my little towns fancy pants new art museum. Oh well, I just love looking at art. I'm more of a modern art kinda girl, but there are artists and elements I really like about Impressionism. I was delighted to see a Cezanne still life of apples and oranges.  There was also this really cool exhibit of Manet, where they had a painting by a spash painter that Manet did a verision of and you sas shis sketches of it, then his version and then Renior did a painint in tribute to Manet with that painting in it, that was neat. The other thing I like about impressionism is the texture of some artists like Pissaro and even Renior. I always have to cross my arms to resist the urge to touch. So yeah. Christine got to see my art dork side, and my snobby I'm-a-world-traveler-who-has-seen-a-lot-of-art -side first hand.

Afterwards we walked over to Belltown and got sushi. Sooooo delicious. Horay for raw fish! Then we headed down to the water front and got icecream cones and played air hockey in the arcade until it was time to part ways. It was a really really good day. A damn fine day. Just thought I'd share.

Now to the theatre to sell tickets and after that I either have a date with the Dunnes if I'm up to it or a date with the Doctor. :)

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