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Mir’s Double Life

Yesterday I had my first volunteering gig as a homework helper at the library. First time I’ve been to Columbia City. I was worried it was going to be sketchy because, ya know Rainer Ave, right, but actually it’s adorable. I feel really good about the volunteering. The gods smiled upon me because I got to use my love of English on my first day. I helped an elementary school kid with her spelling (I know, right?) and then I helped this teenager who was new to the country from Somalia write a 150 word essay, which made me pretty darn happy. I even helped a girl with algebra. Luckily, I still remember algebra & geometry. I was worried about helping kids with match because I don’t like it and I don’t remember much of it. (I’m applying for my masters and I don’t remember how to do long division...seriously.)
After my volunteering shift was over I went into the bathroom at the library to change into my little black dress. Samuel and David invited me as their guest to the Hugo Boss opening thingy at Nordstroms The blond queeny guy from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was there doing make overs. We were there for a few free drinks then I followed the boys up the Hill to Purr and had too many drinks. I can’t drink with my gay boy during the work week. It’s bad for my heath. I’m just now feeling a bit better but I’ve still got a torn up knee from trying to walk up the hill in my big fuck off heels, and not exacitly succeeding. Ugh. I love Samuel to death but...chr-ist!

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