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A bit out of sorts

I don't have a great "what I did over my weekend" to report. I've been a bit...odd this weekend. It started Friday afternoon, when I was hit by indesisiveness. I knew I needed to take a walk but couldn't figure out where I wanted to go, and didn't feel commited to my usual after-work-route and just meandered around downtown for an hour and a half. When I got home, I just cozyed up under the covered and watched some Dr. Who until Raye came home with Christine and distracted me. Suddenly I was giddy, and giggly, acting like I was fucking high, though I wasn't even drinking with the girls. Hit by exhaustion, more Dr. Who (which I passed out on) and sleep.

Saturday, I was crazy productive in the begning of the day, taking a walk, cleaning my room, and such all before noon. Then after Raye left and it was time for me to sit down at the computer and focus on school stuff and/or writing...I blanked. I went to the Online Coffee Co. Still blanked. Came home with a bottle of booze, still blanked and getting depressed and frustraited. Then I ended hanging out with Raye, and Christine and Ryan for a while but once trollied, hid in my room for the remainder of the evening (not being productive just listening to music).

Then yesterday I was exhausted and did not make any use of my free evening...AGAIN! I'm so pissed at myself. I don't know why I was so sleepy, I mean it was a payroll day at work but I only worked on about half of it. Plus at my parent's house on Sunday I did absolutely fuck all but sit around and watched Blackadder III (Hugh Laurie is adorible as an idiot) and Spaced. I'm in a funk, I guess.

In brighter news last years Halloween costume, my Glinda dress, sold on eBay for $100 whoo hoo! I'm having a helluva time getting to the post office to send it out, (or to even find a box it will fuckin' fit in) but yeah. Woo hoo! Third to to the post offfice is the charm though. *wink*

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