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Yesterday was a good day...

Yesterday was a damn fine day I...

  • Learned that my cousin is coming to visit from Colorado. He’s my only cuz on my dad’s side and definitely my closest relative. I haven’t seen him since I was last in Ft. Collins, after my grandpa died in ’05. Not the best reason to visit to begin with. Before that, the little bastard came out to Sea Town in ’04, conveniently while I was away in Paris, so I didn’t get to see him and he got to sleep on my bed while I was stuck in that god-awful bed at the Stella Hotel. I’ve wanted him to come to visit ever since he turned 21 because this city is much more inviting if you’re of boozin’ age. I can’t wait to show off my beautiful, fantastic city. Even though he’s been here before, he hasn’t visited while the both of us are adults and of drinking age. The Dunnes and a Cap Hill bar crawl are undoubtedly in order, maybe Ballard too, and any of my favorite happy hours, for sure. The only lame thing is that his plane lands on Nov. 4th Election Day. I haven’t made any definite plans for that evening but I assumed I would be at a watering hole either drinking to celebrate Obama’s triumphant win, or drinking myself to death in despair at the though of four more years of republican rule. Now I’m not sure what the hell is going on.
  • Got my Dylan Moran CD in the mail! 120 minutes of funny !EEK! I got to listen to it, after volunteering, while I made cookies for bosses day.

To leave this blog with a quote. Fell out with ridiculous laughter with this bit:


Death Before Dishonor" I always used to wonder "Hey, exactly how much dishonor are we talking about here?" 'Cause I could handle quite a lot. I would, for instance, fellate a Smurf before I picked death. I'd cook him a little Smurf omelet as I was doing it, you know, I'd be perfectly happy doing that. Seasoning it with thyme, you know, listening to his happy satisfied Smurf lip smacks. But every man thinks about Smurfs. They don't say it, but they do. That's why I'm here, to be honest. Just once, you know, what would it be like? Nobody needs to know, you go away for the weekend. Just once, to have the blue salty bulb lolling on your tongue ... if I don't say it, nobody else will."


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Oct. 17th, 2008 07:40 am (UTC)
woohoo for family fun time + dylan moran!!!!!
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