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Worth a Million in Prizes...

*Stretch* *Yawn* I’m well rested and I get a much needed and long overdue dance. This weekend was crazy indulgent and restful at the same time. I guess too much fun=two lazy, lazy days of telly, pizza delivery and movies. There was all sorts of “sinful” behavior this weekend vanity, lust, gluttony, sloth, not to mention inebriation. Good times.

Friday after work I took my super long walk around Seattle, from downtown to Ballard, across Freemont, to the U-Dist and up the hill. I wasn’t diggin’ it sometimes but I decided there’s a fine line between ODC madness and that thing athletes call “endurance.” I hurt my knee on the elliptical machine on Thursday and I was trying to walk it off but it was hurting pretty bad at some points and I just wanted to quit, but then I’d be pissed at myself for quitting so I just went on and got through it.

I got home and Raye and I had plans to join Dorothy and Ryan at the Merc. We hadn’t been there in AGES and since, ya know we spent the previous two weekends in, we were so very ready to dress up all sultry and silly, take pictures, go out and get plastered on shitty “Old Crow” whiskey. Mission accomplished by the way. I had a super duper good time Friday night

Cathy game me that corset. I don't think it's too flattering by by-gone it it is PINK!  

Me & Dorthy I didn't get one of me & Raye

Saturday I got as far as getting to the coffee shop to upload some pictures but other than that achieved absolutely nothing. I stayed in bed and was lazy. The next day, went to my parents and was lazy. Perhaps it’s what I needed, though, as I feel pretty good now. My knee feels better and I’m ready to face this crazy busy week I have ahead of me.


Oh yeah and CATHY CAME HOME FROM SOUTH AFRICA!!! Horay! Oh AND My mum got a new camera and gave me her old one. I have a camera again! Yeay! Best friend back, new (used) camera, and a dance! What a great weekend.



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Oct. 21st, 2008 02:42 am (UTC)
Yea!! Yea!! And yeah!!

Oct. 21st, 2008 05:02 pm (UTC)
I know!
I'd incert an icon here of the little puffy "yeay!" guys from "Rejected" but I can't find one easily and I should get back to what I should be doing instead. I tried though. :P
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