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[Title TBD]

TRUE STORY: (Mir's THIRD humiliating moment in less than a week)

So last night The Girls™ were at Cathy’s for our weekly book meeting. We had gotten a fair amount of work in, just poured our first cocktails and went out on Cathy’s balcony for a smoke break. Somehow we managed to lock ourselves out of the apartment and were stuck on the second floor balcony. Each of us had our turn to say “How the fuck did that happen?” and try to open the door, but sure enough it was locked. Cathy was broken into a couple of months ago and in turn the apartment was locked down tight, with no way in. We were trapped on the deck in the blustering fall night with no way in with our purses, keys, wallets, drinks, cigarettes and the manuscript inside. Luckily Christine had her cell phone on her person and we had to call a 911 non-emergency to have the fire department come and save us.

How many firemen does it take to save four girls from a balcony? Four, apparently. The front door was locked, and the lock had been changed so the managers keys didn’t work. No one could get inside the apartment to let us in that way. Meanwhile, as we stood on the balcony waiting, one fireman stood below us and “kept us calm.” He kind of kept us calm by digging a little deeper in our humiliation, he had us raise our right hands and say “I will never have children.” Ouch. They put the ladder up eventually and climbed up (since the building is on the hill it’s actually more like three stories to the ground.) Cathy, Christine and I were not happy about the prospect of climbing down that ladder in the rain. Raye pointed out the futility of us getting off the balcony, the keys to all our apartments were inside, and the spare keys to our apartments were amongst The Girls™ and locked inside. (We learned maybe we need someone who’s not one of us to have a spare set in case anything like this happens again. The other funny thing is that Cathy used to tease me for always having my purse on when I came over. I used to keep it on so I’d have it when going out to smoke, I’d have my cigarettes handy. Now that she teased me to the point of breaking the habit, we get locked outside with no cigarettes and no spare keys!)

A couple of firemen came up and managed to jimmy the window open and let us in. In our defense they checked to see how easily this could have happened and we are officially NOT retarded, we have a fireman’s word on that. So thank you Seattle Fire Department for the rescue...I’m really happy to be back on the ground..

In honor of election day I will have friends vote on which Title would be best for this ridiculous blog entry.

"At least we have our cigarettes...right?"

"Now I know how kittens stuck in trees feel."

"Four girls trapped on a balcony, four firemen to save them, life imitating grocery store romance novels or the opening premise of a porno..."

Or write in your own:




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Nov. 4th, 2008 05:14 pm (UTC)
I'm sure it was a very stressful situation Mir, but I just laughed my ass off reading this and imagining it all in my head. I can just imagine the snippiness that must have been going on. LOL!

Nov. 4th, 2008 06:11 pm (UTC)
Thats okay, we were laughing about it too. A lot, actually. Cathy was really embarassed, but I think she still thinks it is funny.
Nov. 4th, 2008 05:23 pm (UTC)
Ha ha ha!
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