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Thursday & Friday I bartended at the theatre as per usual and joined everybody afterward for drinks at the Rosebud (Thurs) and Chez Gaudy (Fri). On Thursday the fella I have a crush on showed up for drinks. As seen in my last entry I didn’t have much confidence that day and I kinda decided not to pursue anything, which will be difficult now that Teri, Karen Jo, Regan and others know about my stupid crush. Pursuing my crushes always end up bad for me and I inevitably wind up embarrassing myself and bollixing things up (example John at work) so I’ll just enjoy looking at this person when he shows up and leave it at that.


Saturday, I got up early, Cathy & Christine came over and we headed over to Volunteer Park for the rally/march/protest of Prop 8. There were lots of people there, which was awesome. I guess they estimated somewhere between 3-6 thousand people. They were way behind schedule I think, we ended up marching I think an hour after we were supposed to, by that point I was just all geared up and ready to march. I didn’t know Ron Sims was such a good public speaker, he got people all revved up but unfortunately we had to listen to Mayor Fat-Head before the march, (a nice time for a cigarette break, actually). It was an awesome thing to be a part of. It was lovely to see some familiar faces out showing their support.  Walking down Broadway (preachin’ to the choir a bit) businesses like Metro and Panache had signs of support in their windows and people cheered us on. Then once downtown there were some crazy Christians holding up counter protest signs. People kinda got in their face and there was shouting but I didn’t really want to get involved in any of that, really. First amendment rights in action all around. I wanted to keep my experience positive, which it really was. It was great.


I didn’t get to take any pictures because my camera broke (that’s three cameras I’ve been through. I’m just not meant to have a camera I suppose.)

The Girls (tm) smokin' before joining the crowd at Volunteer Park (photocredit:Ryan Allred) I love this pic!

THe crowd for the rally at Volunteer park. (photocredit:Ryan Allred)

Walking down Broadway (photocredit:Ryan Allred)

 The crowd going down Pine and in the round 810 build there was a naked lady on her balcony. People were cheering for her. (See top left of photo).


Signs are a good way to protect your eyes from the sun. (“Love & Equality Threaten No One Benefit Every One.”)

Really I have hope that equal rights will prevail. It’s absurd that we’re even having this argument but I think that in time equality will prevail. People can’t stop fighting, but I think that segregation of the gay community will be as antiquainted as racial segregation seems to my generation, ya know? I have hope.


After the March (we didn’t stick around for too long once we made it to Westlake Center) we had a quick bite and went back to The Hill. The Girls™ had our reading party for the book we’re writing that night and had lots of prep to do. We made lots of yummy nibblies and provided booze for our guests and we had a turn out of 6 (our cap was 10). We read our excerpts and explained our system and our guests respond positively. It was fantastic. I can’t wait for our book meeting tonight to look over what people said and move forward. We were stuck but that meeting really pumped in some new energy and direction into our project. People responded well and gave some really good suggestions, ideas we probability wouldn’t have possibly thought of given it was not part of our experience. It was just what we needed. Afterward we headed across the park and played Cranium at my place until the wee hours of the morning. All in all, it was a pretty fantastic and positive weekend, apart from feeling like death on Sunday, but that’s pretty much the usual case for Sundays. Luckily I don’t do much on Sundays but visit the rents and veg out anyway.

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