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Aint that always the case...

I have a weak moment, spring for a paid account and suddenly have nothing to say...
...(And don't say "that never stopped you before" or "when did you ever have something to say?" becasue that's just mean. ANyway while eating lunch i took a stupid survey

Do you like anyone at this point?
I have a stupid crush but I’m not going to pursue it because it aint gonna happen and I’ll just embarrass myself

What was the last movie you saw in theatres?
I think it was Burn After Reading

Have you ever felt repla

Have you ever drive
n without a license?
the only times I have driven were w/out a license, because I never got around to getting one

Do you write
in cursive or in print?

you move to another state or country to be with the one you love?
That depends on the place. I gues I value place over people

Have you had the chick
en pox?
as an infant

Do you wear conta
ct lenses or glasses?
glasses are sexy :)

When is the last time you had a massa
I couldn’t say. I’m too high strung to let people touch my neck. It’s not allowed

car did you last drive?
mine sort of, it was a 1988 Buick Century Station Wagon my dad got for me to learn to drive on. I didn’t really get into the driving thing, especially when we moved into the city and my dad lent tit to a friend who accidently blew it up.

Do you love someo
ne that doesnt know you love them?
no, love is a strong word

Is there
a difference between love and in love?

Have you ever writte
n anything on a bathrom wall or door?

How do you vent your anger
bitch, blog, smoke, take a walk, drink...I’ve got lots of options

How is your room looki
I cleaned it last night it’s looking so much better. It got pretty trashed last week.

Do you think
you’ll be married in 10 years?
couldn’t say

When was the last time you smile
this morning

Can you use chops
yes I can, not terribly well but I got it

Who was the last perso
n you slept next to?
I think it was Cathy

What do you order
from taco bell?
I haven’t been to a taco beel in ages but I used to order two hard shell tacos, a diet coke and those cinimon swirl things

Do you remem
ber what you were like a year ago?
pretty similar to the way I am now

Ever cried
because of happiness?
yes, can’t think of an example at the moment though

What makes
you laugh?
British comedy

What could
you go for right this second?

Do you like certa
in romantic movies?
certain ones. I’m down with some romantic comedies, especially like Love Actually. Mades me cry every x-mas

Have you told anybo
dy you loved them today?

Do you miss anyon

How much are you on the phone
not too much. I use very little of my allotted cell phone time

Are you in a good mood?

I’m okay

Do you love your life?

Well it’s the only one I’ve got so I’d like to be happy about it and make the most of it. I’m doing all right right now, Not really where I wanted to be at this time but onot in a bad place either

What will you be doing
in 3 hours?

What were you doing
at midnight last night?

This time last year,
can you remember who you liked?
I was in a realationship this time last year

Two days from now this time,
where will you be?
same place i'm sure

Is anyth
ing annoying you right now?
my mp3 player is being a little bitch

Is anybo
dy you know changing?
everyone changes daily duh

Who was the first
person you talked to today?

What are you weari
jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie

Do you smoke
weed every day?

Last time you wante
d to punch someone in the face?
When I saw the Mayor at the rally on Saturday. Even though he was giving lip servie to the evils of Pro 8, any time I see him I want to hit his big fat face

Have you ever been nice to someo
ne who treated you like crap?
the old mir did.

When was the last time you felt like your heart
was actually breaking?
April 2004

Do you drink
no, too much sugar, it’s bad news

Do you wish thing
s were different?

Does anyon
e call you babe?

If you'
re being extremely quiet, what does that mean?
I’m tired (most likely) or I’m overwhelmingly depressed

Are you a patie
nt person?
depends on the cercomstance

What were you doing
this morning at 8AM?
clocking in

Do you belie
ve ex's can be friends?
depends on the people but I think it is possible perhaps not prominent

What is the last thing
you said out loud?
here you go

were you at 10:17 pm last night
at home, cozy in bed, watching Red Dwarf

s this,what are you doing right now?
listening to music and eating yogurt for lunch

Have you been mean to anyon
e today?
I’m never mean

Will you be up by 7am tomor
that’s when I get up in the morning, yes

What made you sad today
the news

Ever been a gymna
st or a cheerleader?
HA! Have you ever seen pictures of me?

Do you take compl
iments well?
not, really no. I like them but I never know what to say

Have you ever kisse
d on a boat?

you rather have big or small dogs?
smallerish. Not small yappy type dogs but like a begal or something would be cute, if dogs get really big they kinda freak me out

Are you afrai
d of falling in love?
um no I don’t think so. I’d be afraid of falling in love at the wrong time in my life or with the wrong person

Have you held hands
with anybody in the past week?

Do you want kids?


Did you go out or stay in last night
stayed in. House was on!

What's something you really want right now, be honest?
more money would be nice

What was the first
thing you did this morning?
brushed my teeth

How are you feeli
ng at this moment??
I’m all right, kinda meh

Do you have someo
ne you can be your complete self around?
The Girls™ and Samuel to an extent, the rents


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