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Holiday in my Pajamas


I’ve made somewhat of a conscious effort to be as lazy as possible over the holiday. Wednesday night, after running errands I heated up the apartment, opened a bottle of wine (later another) got comfy in my PJs and watched the fifth season of Red Dwarf (loving Netflix now, btw). It was great at first, having the apartment to myself but I eventually got a bit lonely, drunk dialed Christine and then typed up a mushy “things I’m thankful for” thingy. (Be glad I don’t have the internet at home or that would have been one poorly typed drunken post.) To summarize though, I am thankful for The Girls™ and our many moons (i.e. the other friends in our orbit, yeah sound big headed and it is but it’s a good metaphor in my humble opinion), my rent’s, the fact that I have a secure job with full benefits (something I’m learning not to take for granted these days), a cheap place to live on the hill with fun neighbors, and in general living the Capitol Hill 20 something fun time. I was also especially thankful for the wine which effectively put me to a nice deep sleep.

When I got up on Thanksgiving morning, there were a bunch of people on the field of T.T. Minor playing football. It was adorable, but still not really calling me to get out of my PJs and out of the apartment. I made pumpkin muffins to bring to dinner but otherwise stayed in bed watching some Dr. Who awaiting the time to be picked up by my dad to go to our friend Kevin and Kim’s for Thanksgiving dinner. It was more low key than it has been before. No turkey but there was ham and beef and artichokes and broccoli, still enough awesomeness to eat myself to the point of being ridiculously uncomfortable, and then having pie on top of that to push the gluttony even further.

Today, apart from cleaning the kitchen (the least I could do since poor Raye had to work today) I did more sitting around in PJs. Luckily Christine had me come out so I’m dressed with make up on and everything at Online Coffe Co. But it’s time to go now. I’m ignoring Christine and want to smoke. Hope peeps had a happy turkey or tofurkey day. Love to ya’ll!


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