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Most Awesome Birthday Surprise Ever

Man, I thought last year’s birthday was awesome (and it was) but this year I think The Girls™ more than out-did themselves. They kept the surprise under wraps for weeks, spent I don’t want to know how much money and an insane amount of time on my surprise. Saturday night, I got tarted up, Cathy came over and she and Raye reveled the surprise: A SCAVENGER HUNT! I was given clues and they hired a limo to take me around and collect friends at each stop with a present and the next clue. I was lent a video camera by Cathy to record my experience and such. Cathy and Ryan were there for me when I got into the limo and opened my first clue.

Once upon a time while working on your degree, you met some of your best friends under this smoking tree.

I was to go to the “Smoking Spot” at Seattle U, across from the Admin building, a very special place in my heart through my four years of college considering that’s where I was between every class. The driver parked across the street from SU, I ran across Madison with the camera only to find my gay boy, the one and only Samuel at the smoking spot with David. I grabbed them and Samuel gave me a book of the Complete Works of Shakespeare, that Sam blingged-out with pictures of David Bowie and Marc Bolan. He also gave me a sweet card and the picture of the three of us at the Hugo Boss gala back in September. We all got in the limo and I opened my next clue.

Pouring drinks for others makes you thirsty, head on over to your favorite smoke easy.

            I checked the supplemental card for this one which mentioned our favorite bartender Robert and knew I was going to The Rosebud, not at all far from Seattle U. The Limo stopped off across the street and I once again put my life in my hands, ran across Pike and I collected Dorothy who was sitting there with a shot for me (and a present of a gigantic shot glass). I collected her and my next clue.

You read his books, you watch his show…you met him here now go go GO!

            I informed the driver to take me to the alley behind the Moore Theatre, where Raye and I met Anthony Bourdain this year. I got out on one side of the alley, then ran through with the camera rolling and it took me a minute to turn the cornere and find Raye waiting for me. She had appropriate gifts for me too...Anthony Bourdain’s two fiction novels. I loved Kitchen Confidential and a Cooks Tour, I’ve been curious about his fiction but I haven’t ever seen it at bookstores but now I have them. I’m not big on crime novels either, but fuck, it’s Anthony Bourdain and what I’ve read so far, it’s a lot of fun. This was also a good example of how well The Girls™ planned that matching of people/presents/places. Anthony Bourdain is something Raye and I share a common interest in, and I picked her up at the place we met him and she brought me his books. It’s awesome! Next clue...

Hummus is what you order here; with the Girls ™ you share the cheer.

            The next stop was The Rendezvous, where we would frequent for happy hour (before the hummus platter went downhill) and Christine was there, ready and waiting with our new favorite dish...Yam Chips. (So delish).

The sonic screwdriver works better than glue, now go to the place where you watch you know Who.

This one took me a minute because I used to watch Dr. Who at my parents house, but then once I got the first three seasons of the new Dr. Who, I watch them at home, mostly. But the supplemental card said “this is where you go every Sunday” which is my parent’s house. So we trekked on from Belltown over to Magnolia. This is where the biggest surprise took place. I got to my rent’s and out from their front door came my friend Stephanie. Stephanie was my BFF since middle school. She took me under her wing and gave me confidence way back in 7th grade when it ment the most. I owe so much to Stpehanie, even though we are both very different people as adults and I don’t see her much because she has kids and lives down in Olympia, it mean so much to me to get to see her and that she shared the birthday with me. Omigod, I was beyond elated. We used that stop as a potty and a smoke break as well and hung around for a little bit. I also got the old old old school Dr. Who from the ‘60’s as my present. My next clue...

      In South Africa you see them by the ton, but here in Seattle, you’ll find just one.

            I think I had to use my supplemental card on this one just to confirm my guess of the Woodland Park Zoo. This is a good point to talk about the snow. I was not pleased when I hear it was going to snow on Saturday. In ’06 my b-day was interrupted due to a winter storm, and I was not keen on the snow getting in the way again and keeping people from partying down. However, once I was in the know about my scavenger hunt and the fact that I had a limo driving me around, I didn’t seem to mind anymore. It was warm and snug in the limo (so I still dressed all tarted up) and the snow was his problem, not mine. Also everything was so rigidly timed and people had to be at their place. There was no backing out. Also, how cool was it that I got to the Woodland Park Zoo to find Cathy, whose present for me was a SNOW LEOPARD! This goes back to last years supprise where I I just kept guessing really weird things, one of which was a leopard. It became an on-going joke, and last year I was given a plush leopard. Then when Cathy went to South Africa, I joked about her bringing me back a leopard, and I received another plush one. Now this year I met up at the zoo and not only did I get a plush snow leopard, but they adopted the Seattle Snow Leopard at the zoo in my name! So I, in a round about way, have a leopard and I can visit her any time I want to with my Zoo membership! Eek. It was so lovely too, because I got a snow leopard, in the snow! It was awesome, enough to bring a little tear to my eye (which quickly froze). Cathy got in the limo adding two more bottles of champagne to the party and my next clue...

When you need British comedy to get into your groove, go browse these racks where Patsy, Eddie, and Bernard are waiting for you.

            The next destination was Gruv on Broadway. It took a little time to get there, but all the while, all of us packed into the limo, we all shared champagne and drank whiskey and diet coke coctails. Once we got to Broadway, I got out, Stephanie followed with the camera, but when I got to Gruv, there was no one there. I just introduced myself to the person behind the counter then like looked around stupidly, it took a minute but Chad and Arch showed up on Broadway and got in with us. I got the last season of Ab Fab (hence the British comedy clue) and my next clue...

            Walking toward the water tower, you go here to support gay power

            My next stop was the Volunteer Park Water Tower, where we collected Ryan. Ryan had for me a drawing of tow midget getting married under the water tower. How fuckin’ cool is that? Midgets still made it into my birthday celebration somehow.  The limo was getting quite full by that point, after our brief smoke break. Unfortunitly after all the champagne and cocktails in the limo I had to pee soooo bad we couldn’t get to my next destination early enough.. My next clue...

            Tapas here is what you crave, half price wine will help you save

            We were going to Chez Gaudy, where Derek was waiting for us. I kinda just blasted by him and went straight for the restroom then came out and gave him hugs (kinda rude of me but, when you gotta go). Derek came bearing two yummy platters from Chez Gaudy and a book on the history of the English Language.  Here I was starting to think that I had run out of friends who elese could there be, but surely there was no way to fit any more people into that limo. My next clue read...

You’ve almost reached your final goal, now head on over to your favorite watering hole

            After that, we ditched the limo and headed across the street to the Clever Dunnes for drinks. There I found Kellie and John, Adam (who gave me my neardiest awesome present a little sonic screwdriver, which interestingly enough requires a real screwdriver to assemble...huh) and later on Tyler and Laura. People were buying me shots, I was chasing after some British dude for a while and then the night starts to get hazy and then disappear for me completely...not ending particularly graceful on my part from what I’ve been told. I don’t like to think about it let alone blog about it, but my wonderful friends got me home safely (thank you Chad and Arch) and eventually into my bed (Thank you Raye and Stephanie). I came out of the whole thing feeling crazy loved, with more friends than you can fit in a limo, who all know the stuff I like (literature, Anthony Bourdain, Dr. Who, British comedy, midgets and booze) and even tolerated my bad drunk side later in the night. I have the best friends a girl could ever ask for. I was in sensory over load all night and if you were one of my friends I didn’t get to talk too much to, I’m sorry. I was just overwhelmed.

Well there are no photos to share at this time. Ryan’s eventually going to edit the video for me, so I can relive at least the scavenger hunt part till I’m old (and apparently me making out with Christine at the Dunnes.) Left my coat at the Dunnes with my cell phone in the pocket so I was completely out of touch for a couple of days. I’m very happy and lucky to have gotten it back yesterday. So very relieved.


The next day I was hungover, and was rather disappointed that I didn’t get to really enjoy the chicken and dumplings my mum made for me or even my fucking spice cake! Oh well I’m visiting tonight to decorate the Christmas tree so I’ll get a second shot at left overs at least. My birthday proper it was too cold for me to do anything. I just lied in bed, enjoying my new bedding I got from my folks, watching Ab Fab and classic Dr. Who, and generally avoiding the below freezing weather outside until it was time for me to go to Drangonfish for all night happy hour, first with the rents and then with The Girls™.  Now it’s all over, back to reality. Back to paying bills and budgeting for x-mas. It’s all good. There’s still a lot to look forward to, Christmas, New Years and such this month. It’s all good. I truly am a lucky, lucky lady.



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Dec. 16th, 2008 10:55 pm (UTC)
Yay. :) I'm so sorry we couldn't stay, but you were obviously having a TON of fun. Props to your awesome Girls for arranging all of it!!
Dec. 16th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks so much for coming out to the Dunnes. It made me happy!
Dec. 17th, 2008 01:30 am (UTC)
What a wonderful birthday adventure that must have been! Not only is truth stranger than fiction, but it can be a lot more fun. I'm glad you were given such a good time by your friends!

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