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Cabin Fever

So I'm not at work today. We're having another snow day. I just got called by Marna telling me that we're closed tomorrow too. I'm over the snow. I'm not completely complaining. Believe me, I'm glad that I got to sleep in 'till 10:30 this morning. However, after a whole weekend trapped in the apartment I want out!!! Saturday night we were supoosed to go to Christine's house (Ballard/Crown Hill) to make cookies and play Cranium, but there was no way of getting a 48 and I was miserably cold while waiting. I don't have the shoes for this weather. I have a pair of boots but they're high heels and not comfortable or evn waterproof, then I have my walking shoes and my cons, neither of which are meant for this kind of weather. We didn't make it to Ballard. Instead Cathy and her new boyfriend came over to my and Ray's place and we played Cranium. Sunday I was supposed to go over to my parents house as usual and bake cookies with my mum and do my normal lazy weekend there but getting to Magnolia wasn't going to happen either.

The thing I do love love love about living on the hill is that even in weather like this all the ammenties are nearby. I walk everywhere on the hill anyway so I'm not without my basic needs, I've got Trader Joes, 7-11, a BofA, Safeway, an Online Cafe, all within about 5 blocks of my house. So on Sunday when I couldn't make it for my holiday baking time with either my Girls or my mum I said "fuckit, even if I have to do it in my tiny kitchen I'm making bloody holiday cookies." I went over to Safeway and got what I needed and I killed a good five hours making a double batch of sugar cookies. It took longer than it normally does as I only have one cookie sheet in the house, I had to use a glass bottle when I realized I didn't own a rolling pin (it was very "the Gods Must be Crazy" of me). I'm such a wife, Raye watched football while I baked cookes on our snowey Sunday afternoon. :) It was a ton of cookies and when I was done I figured I wasn't going to be able to unload them on my co-workers as soon as I'd like, so we made little care packages for our neighbors in the building (well, the ones we like anyway, Johnney and Sally White Trash didn't get my awesome cookies.)

Anyway I'm totally just babbeling because I'm going mad in my apartment. Perhpas I should take this laptop home and go out and see what x-mas presents I can find on Broadway, or even 15th, then I don't have to go down a hill at all. *shrug* One more day of this. Perhaps I should take the laptop to a pub and do some writing. I can go out to the pub, I don't have to work tomorrow. Though I'd kill to get some exersise. This whole sitting on my ass all the time is making me feel achey and depressed. *sigh*

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