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Snow day #3

So we were closed AGAIN today. Hate to say it I was kind of looking forward to going to work. I longed to get to my desk and talk bullshit with John, wish Marna a merry christmas and so on. Although sleeping in is nice. So I guess I got a week vacation. Though it doesn't feel so much like a vacation. Now I'm worried about getting to Magnolia for Christmass. I just looked up and it JUST stopped snowing on the hilland I think it's begining to rain. Most importantly  I'm out of the bloody apartment and I'm headed downtown! I'm gettin off the hill! 

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THings that make me happy today. If I make it to Magnolia, I will be happy to be away from my apartment and with the rents, where there's a fireplace, and our Christmas Celebration (we're Christmas Eve people). Also due to weather conditions, we don't have to go to a party in Edmonds. We were planning on going, it's the party of the lead actor in the play my dad dircted, who's a cool guy and there was supposed to be a plethora of margareta, but going back to Edmonds inevitibly puts me in a weird mental space. It kinda weirds me out. I'm so glad I don't have to leave my snowey city.

Shit, it's snowing again. Well HAPPY HOLIDAYS FRIENDS!!!

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