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Ho Ho Ho!

As Regards to the Meme Day #3 Today Iam happy to have had my mums waffels ans saussage for beffix, and being here with my family andthe kitties. I also got the latest season of Dr. Who that I I wanted woot-woot! Also my parents seemed to like the gifts I got them, not bad for not getting shopping done till the last minute.

So my folks and I ended up watching Jesus Christ Superstar on X-mas evening. I had never seen the movie all the way through though I vaguely remember some of the songs from childhood (my mum had the record of the broadway version). First of all, it shouldn't be too much of a schock to my parents how little I know about the story. They were the ones who, thankfully, brought me up secular. Perhaps it's becasue I went to a Catholic school and still don't know the story really, but I got my theology credits in budhism and social justice classes. So while watching I was cocky about the parts I did know about, for example Jesus going into the market I remarked something along the lines of, "time for Jesus to fuck some shit up," (well a less vulger version, of course.) However much of it I didn't know and found myself rather inquisitive. "Who's that?" "That's Harrod." "That means nothing to me, who is he? What does he do?" I don't know this stuff!
With the cocktails I was enjoying at the time, it kinda turned into a roudy showing, my dad and I making comments and jokes and me asking questions. (Kinda like an episode of Mystery Science Theatre meets a bible class) So the movie is framed by the idea that a bunch of smelly hippies in a van go out to the desert and reinact the whole Jesus story in song and dance. You see them unload at the begining and after Jesus is crusified, you see them all load up the van again and take off, then there's a shot of the cross on the hill at sunset. To which I quipped: "And in the end, it was all an elaborate scheme to get that douchebag Larry out of the commune."
My favorite comment while watching, though is one that would offend some and the fact that I said it on Chritmas day itself, makes it all the more awesome to me. I didn't really like the Jesus character in that movie. He kinda got on my nerves and when I realized what it was about his attitue that was annoying me I expressed it alloud: "Jesus is kinda a whiney little bitch in this isn't he?"
Merry Christmas!


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