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So tonight Raye and I are having our annual New Years Eve Party. I was worried about it being kind of pathetic since we didn’t send out invitations in a timely fashion or anything, but it looks like it’s going to be a fair larger number of people than we have at game nights, which makes me a happy girl. We’re going to have a White Elephant Gift Exchange and Raye and I will be serving lasagna for dinner. I’m very excited for my party. Our New Years parties are often a long night of drinks and debauchery, and best of all at the end of the night my bed is just ten feet away. Sweet. It’ll also be the two year anniversary of Cathy moving back to Seattle and The Girls™ being all together proper like.  


Lookin’ Back...

I suppose 2008 was an all right year. March was certainly the low point. I got dumped and in general it was rough for all the Girls, to the point where we have officially re-named the shitty month to “Prance” instead of “March” in hopes that it might be a better month in the future. However, the end result of that major shift of that month was that I decided to make some life choices and The Girl™ started work on the book that we’re now writing. So really even out of the shittiest circumstance, we’ve managed to make the most and rise above, it would seem. I decided to focus my energy on getting to London and going to grad school. It’s a goal I am not giving up on ultimately, however, I let the collapsing economy get me down and put off that aspiration for another year. This is perhaps my biggest regret for the year.

The love life bit of the year had it’s ups and downs. I went back to being single with much more confidence than I had before. I did a bit of dating that didn’t go anywhere, some draggin’ home of boys, and a handful of stupid crushes. Another regret was getting drunk and blabbing to John from work about my stupid crush on him, luckily things are back to normal between us and all is well there. I still need to heed the girls’ advice and not drink so heavily while trolling. It’s not serving me well to become that blacked out girl hitting on whatever at the end of the night. Not attractive.

The good news is that I also had a lot of fun this year with my girls. We had a year of the most rockin’ celebrations. We went balls to the wall on birthdays; PDX debauchery, renting a bounce house, a sweet 16 at 26 party, and my amazing scavenger hunt birthday. We excelled in sheer extravagance, really. Speaking of awesome memories, I can’t ignore the relief , hope and the celebration of the election turn out for Barack Obama. That night will be a memory of history being made in my generation, my lifetime, that will stay with me forever. A moment where I really had pride in my country, my generation, and hope for the future.


Movin’ on...

I don’t really do “resolutions” so much, but it’s not a bad idea to outline some goals for the upcoming year. My goals for 2009:

  • Get back on track with the diet/exercise/vitamins lifestyle. Before the holidays I was doing really well with diet, walking or going to the gym every weekday and getting my iron intake up. Between the excessive holiday food and the storm keeping me indoors, my whole routine has been screwed up. I haven’t felt as good as I used to since early November. Starting Jan 2nd, it’s time to get back to feeling good.
  • Do more writing, Mir writing. Work up a good portfolio, perhaps try more for publication.
  • Finish the book with The Girls™ and start the process of trying to get it published.
  • Get those grad school applications in. This year I plan to start work earlier on getting my recommendations and drafting my admissions statements. Luckily I have lots of research done from last summer, and I can focus on my failing points, especially the financial stuff I was, in all honesty, afraid to look at.
  • Eliminate my credit card debt. I’m almost there! Like five more months and it should be gone! Hooray for bartending at the Schmee, it’s paying off the Paris trip and airline flights!  

Here’s that meme thing where you post the first sentence of the first entry of each month, as a reflection of what the year was like. It was weird doing this because many of these stories didn’t seem like they were all that long ago. Like Malika & Eric’s goodbye party where Raye and I almost killed one of they guys we were hitting on by offering cake, not knowing he was a diabetic. Really? That was in MAY? Sheesh! The years seem to be going by faster and faster.


Jan: I finally joined the 21st century!

Feb: So I'm sitting in my room in the condo in my PJs, a lai around my neck and a faux flower in my hair. 

March (Prance):  Last week I submitted my novella manuscript to a novella contest by a small press.

April: I saw a dude the other day doing sit ups, rockin’ out to his music all while text messaging someone on his iPhone

May: So Saturday the girls (though mostly Christine) baked a cake for Malika and Eric's birthday/goodbye party at the Rendezvous.

June:  I was rather productive the beginning of this weekend

July: John was showing Marna and me around the basement and in the parking garage of what to do in the building in case of an emergency (how to turn off the water, lights, etc) when we came out of the garage and on to University street there were all these sirens, and cop cars blocked off the University entrance to 1-5

Aug: This weekend was SeaFair and honestly it was the first Seafair I’ve ever actively looked forward to.

Sept: I’m coming back up since my last, overly dramatic and exceedingly self-deprecating post.

Oct: After volunteering at the library on Wednesday, I went to Lottie’s Lounge where I knew Josh, a former Tablethead, works/manages.

Nov: So many photos, a good weekend, so exhausted

Dec: Why is it so hard for some people at work to figure out the fucking time clock?



Dec. 31st, 2008 09:56 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year Mir! I hope 2009 kicks fucking ass for you!

I don't think I thanked you for your funny and thoughtful holiday card! I remember saying that quote at a game night, but couldn't read your writing and can only make out the loves handles are a choice...what's the first part?

I might be witty sometimes, but my memory is failing me, lol!

Be safe tonight, and I wish we could be there with you guys bringing in the new year the right way!
Dec. 31st, 2008 10:02 pm (UTC)
Actually that was Raye's handwriting. THe quote is "exima is a condition, love handles are a choice." he he he.

I'll be safe. Home is the safest place to party, for me anyway. :)HAPPY NEW YEARS!

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