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Telly & Thieves

So this weekend I finally got around to getting the DTV converter box. Cost me sixty-five bucks (apparently the $$$ for the coupons ran out, that’s what I get for waiting) but that’s still less than buying a new telly or getting cable. It’s actually pretty neat I get way better reception, but for whatever reason I can’t get it to show my AV Out (DVDs). If I can’t watch my British Comedy I’ll be pretty upset. Though now that I’ve got more channels, I’ve found new ways to waste my time, like trying to figure out what they’re saying on the Spanish language channel! I haven’t had a Spanish language channel in ages, now I’ve got three of them! My favorite-PBS Spanish. Sunday it looked like they took a Jane Austin mini-series and dubbed Spanish over it. You know what I have to say to that? Bieno! I would trade in one of my Spanish channels for a bollywood channel though. I miss bollywood movies just as much as I miss Sabato Gigante!




Finally, I saw something I’d never seen before. I was in the Costco in Edmonds on Monday (eww, I know, right? The suburbs, but me & my dad were already at BestBuy up in Northgate and that Costco seemed closer and I needed fetta, damnit!). As we were checking out apparently there was a purse snatcher! Who the hell purse snatches these days? Seriously? I mean, I know times are tough and all but, really. Best of all who the fuck steals a purse INSIDE Costco where the exits are already secured?! WTF?


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