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Random stuff...

-I’m quite looking forward to this weekend. We’ve got a big game night coming up the Saturday, hosted at our place. Raye found a bunch of new recipies for appetizers so we can stop serving the same old stuff. It’s gonna be a good night, only thing is people are starting to un-RSVP, including Derek who was going to be given a belated b-day cake and everything. Oh well


-Tonight my friends are coming out to see me at work bartending and to come to the play. This makes me happy. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and brings in a little dosh the for theatre as well. Plus I get to show off my mad bartending skilz.


-Today was a payroll day so I got to treat myself to a quad mocha. My daily espresso runs were knocked out of my budget to save money for London (dude! I’m saving $100 a month or so!) However, Marna and I still go out for a naughty beverage on payroll days, so twice a month. Man, my mocha is even better when I haven’t had it for two weeks. It’s like a proper treat now!


-I did make one naughty purchase today, since I’m pinching pennies to go on holiday. I watched Paris Je T’aime my Netflix for the week and loved it so much I ended up buying it on Amazon this morning (for six bucks, not that big a splurge, still feel a bit guilty). It was beautiful, made me smile, and totally took me back to Paris for a couple of hours. I mean there were some vignettes that I liked better than others, only one I didn’t like at all, of course but over all I loved it. The last one, with the lady who plays the neighbor in The Riches, was my favorite, understated and bitter-sweetly beautiful.

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