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Random Panda-A bunch of stuff

Volunteering has been somewhat less stressful although my interest in it has certainly waned. There are two new volunteers so my days of being alone and trying to help all those kids are over. Now the problem is that, since there are more volunteers the people I start helping in the beginning are really greedy, they just don’t want me to help anybody else because they were there first.

Another development is that one of the new volunteers is kinda cute.  He’s about my age, has a degree in chemistry (nerdy=hot) and is new in town from Detroit. I fancy him a little which means I’m incapable of being myself or playing it cool at all. Back when I was about to start volunteering I had high hopes that I’d end up partnered up with a cute, educated, mid twenty-something fella. But that didn’t happen until, low and behold, after I sort of swore off suitors or pursuing anybody until London (I’m hell bent on going on holiday single, if you know what I mean.) Oh well. I might change my mind and offer to go out for a drink sometime. Who knows. On the downside, he has this very mid-west vibe about him and he rides a bicycle. He still cute though and I wouldn’t be Mir w/out an inappropriate crush, I suppose.

I *heart* my city!

I forgot how beautiful clear winter day sunrises are. Tuesday morning when I left the apartment, the sunrise somehow made who whole skyline light up, the west had an amazing hue of pink and the Olympic Mountains were a deep purple, with blue/white snow accents. Union Square and the WaMu (old) building glistened back orange-ish pink, and the SpaceNeddle looked orange in the light. It was beautiful. Love my city in that light.

In the News...

I know it’s a worn out current event story but I just gotta say it. Octuplet lady is giving a bad name to the only children in the world. Kinda like how Eddie Izzard talks about “executive transvestite” vs. “Fuckin’ weirdo transvestite” yeah same thing. Fuckin’ weirdo only child. For a while, when I was young especially right after my best friend moved away, I harbored the desire for my parents to have another kid so I could have the whole sibling relationship and sadisticlly someone younger to pick on. However when I got older, maybe 12 or so, I realized that quite honestly I’d probably just resent the little shit for stealing all the attention, affection and ½ of my room in that already terrible apartment we lived in at the time. Basically I thought the better of it and counted my blessings as an only child. I guess you could say though in that way I feel the same way about having kids myself. Not interested one bit, actually. I see too many benefits of being free to do what I want, go out all night and having a disposable income. Suppose I’m just the polar oppiste of crazy octuplet lady.


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Feb. 5th, 2009 07:26 pm (UTC)
I *totally* resented the attention my little sister got... and still do. :P
Feb. 5th, 2009 08:24 pm (UTC)
...exactly! he he.
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