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Ce (Radically Unproductive) Weekend

Friday- Friday was my last night bartending for this show at the theatre. After the show I went home and Cathy, Christine, Cory, Raye & Ryan were all in the living room playing Cranium. Christine & Cory didn’t stay too long after I got there but I spent the remainder of the evening drinkin’ wine and chit chattin’ with my hommies.


Saturday (Valentine’s Day) – Earlier in the week I harbored a fancy that I would stay in drink wine or bourbon and hole up in my room and get some writing done...all Saturday. This was not the case, however. Went to Safeway and treated myself to a valentine’s day breakfast to satisfy a craving of breakfast sausage (insert a jokes here) and some strawberries as well. I guess because I kind of had a fancy to go out the night before, but didn’t, I wanted to go out that night. Screw staying in, I’ve been in for two weeks. Raye & I called Cathy and we made plans to hit up the Dunnes that night. On the way, Samuel, my dear gay boy called me to give me friendly Valentine’s Day love, to let me know my friendship is treasured and stuff. What a sweetie. We had a few drinks at the pub. Then the Welshman and Ellen turned up and talked to us for a while but she started to get on our nerves and we had to bounce. I wasn’t ready to be done yet, however. We went by the theatre to see if the cast party was still going, but the doors were locked and all was over. We headed to the Rosebud but Cathy and Raye only stayed for one drink then left, both more intoxicated and or tired than I was. It was my one night out for a while and I wasn’t ready yet. I thought about it and when I go on holiday I’ll be by myself, I’ll have to feel comfortable striking up conversations. So I milled around, ordered another drink and ended up talking to two blokes at the bar I was not at all interested but, you know, didn’t mind talking to about travel and Anthony Bourdain, and various stuff. I thought I made it obvious that I wasn’t interested in them like romantically, I remember blatantly saying that, actually, and I thought hitting on that hipster boy on the way to getting a hot dog  was a clear sign as well but now I think I have at least one unwanted gentleman suitor now. I got home safe, danced around like a drunken idiot for a little while and went to bed. An all right night. Not great. In retrospect I kinda wish I hit up the cast party before it was over and went with some of the theatre peeps to see The Big Lebowski at the Egyptian midnight movie (since Raye and Cathy don’t like that movie, it was out of the question, they just bailed slightly too late for that to be an option).


Sunday-Again, supposed to be productive in a number of ways. We were supposed to have a book meeting. That was cancelled. So, I thought, I need to do what I was going to do the night before, writing...as soon as my hang over was over. I sat and watched telly, waiting for my hangover to end. However I started playing with my new present, The Complete New Yorker set, page for page every issue since the beginning (to 2004), scanned in and searchable by author and key word. I was up ‘till 3:30 in the morning, reading articles and reviews about things I’m a dork for that’s happened in the past 30 years. It’s really interesting. I didn’t even get into the short fiction or the humor pieces, least of all I didn’t get around to using my laptop for my own ideas. That thing just sucked the hours away if I wasn’t staring at the tv I was staring at the laptop. Kinda sad.


Monday- my day to hang out with the rents. Sat around and did fuck all, really.

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