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Raye & I bought a bar!

...not a bar as in a public house for the selling of ales & spirits, of course, but a piece of furniture for the storage of booze, liqueurs, and various boozy accoutrements. I’ve long wanted to feel like a proper adult with a stocked liquor cabinet. However, Raye and I have mostly a one bottle at a time lifestyle. However, over time we have collected vermouth, triple sec, bitters, Irish crème and so on all of which have collected on our counter. We have only about two square feet of counter space to begin with so these mixers were starting to take up a lot of valuable space. We both talked about how we wanted a bar, since we have the space between the front room and the dining area for a narrow one, as opposed to a liquor cabinet, as it would clear up counter space and a shelf in the kitchen.


So I had little to do yesterday and checked out Craigslist and found one that looked pretty cool. I contacted the lady, had to wait ‘till after work to see if Raye liked it, and it was a mad dash to get it. Luckily it was in an art loft in Pioneer Square, as opposed to out in in the boonies, still much too far for Raye and me to take home ourselves but my dad was nice enough to do me a favor and come with me to pick it up. When I got there, there were already two people there who wanted it but (ha ha!) I left victorious and got it!


It could use a little work, it needs to be cleaned up, we need to put handles on it and it could use a paint job, especially as Raye isn’t crazy about the red. (Plus this is the direction it's going to be not the propper way as in the next picture) So, fun, PROJECT!  Yeay! We have a bar....and a free kitchen shelf and counter! It’s win-win, really.



I like the red and burgundy color scheme. It makes me think of a burlesque house, which our apartment is gradually having as a theme with the red light in the bathroom, the vintage female nude photographs in the staircase and now our bar!


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